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Trailer canopies & frames


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I've got a 16 x 6.5ft tipping Ifor trailer c/w winch and removable sides that I'd like to get a frame and canopy made up to enable transportation of stuff safely out of the weather and public view. The frame & canopy would need to be around 6.5ft in height from deck floor to roof and maintain that height for the full length of the trailer.

Soooo, I'd appreciated hearing from anyone with recommendations for companies that manufacture / supply frames & canopies.


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When I converted my Sankey trailer into a camping trailer I needed to add a frame to support the trailer tent and needed to also find someone who could make a cover for the frame that would accommodate having the tent bolted through it and onto the frame. I designed the frame myself and got a local fabricator to bend it up for me and get it coated (Zintec, I think the coating was called). The frame I used was much heavier duty than needed for just the canvas as it needed to support the weight of the tent and us sleeping on top of it.

i then took the trailer and frame to Canvasman and they measured it up and custom made a cover to fit it...

Very pleased with the end result.

The finished frame...



The canvas from Canvasman...



Tent mounted on top...

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I've made similar for a local utility company , albeit shorter in height for 5 Indespension 14' x 6'6" flat beds . It was a while ago but am sure we used a fairly local cover maker . I'll ask tomorrow when I'm at the workshop




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This is something I am also interested in doing (dependant on price)


I currently have a 7.5 ton curtain sider transporter which is excellent for a lot of different jobs. If I could sell that and buy a nice tilt trailer, then add a removable frame and canopy I could have most of the functionality of the lorry without the cost and hassle of maintenance

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