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  1. I was fairly disappointed with that particular setup (in the photo) as the previous 8274 hardly protruded at all where it mattered but either way it served its purpose - these days I have no real need for the winch as I carry a Tirfor so the approach angle is back to standard.
  2. My Husky was in a tray which did stick out a fair bit but it was never really a problem. Now the bumper ends were huge and a real nuisance. They were detachable in so much as they bolted on and I always felt it would have been better to make the two bumper ends much smaller and the same profile as a 'normal' bumper in which case they wouldn't have got in the way at all. as much It was always the bit pointed at with the red arrow that caught and dragged on the ground. HTH
  3. When I helped a friend with his car that needed a Q plate we were stumped by what vin plate to use, so I took my stamps and some thin stainless, asked the tester and he said you can use your phone number for all I care, if someone comes with the same number we will know who to call ;-) We used his post code followed by FAST! and that's what ended up on his log book. At one time we could ring the local office and ask them or drop in for a brew* and a moan.. today I guess a call to Swansea is the best bet. *Technically I never got a brew out of them but they did have a vending machine.
  4. I think Exmor do a HD bar set but last time I looked they were very expensive. There was a guy in south Yorks used to trade as Betaweld who made cages and hood stick stuff but thats twenty years ago so could be trading as anything now or not at all..
  5. Hope things work out ok..
  6. Yes I agree that it needs clarifying, I wasn't sure the first time I read @Peaklander s post that he'd understood the process, tighten to the torque setting THEN add a further 90' turn. Hopefully thats what he's done but the post could be read either way. HTH (EDIT) Then I read a previous post where he describes tighten + 90 so 'now' I think he has it ok :-)
  7. What was the restorer thinking - doing a so called nut and bolt restoration, expecting top price - and using tread plate!
  8. Right then, when I re read what I said it might have sounded a bit abrasive :-) my apologies, to be clear when sat at the side of the road with a duff car and no tools I've cleaned a contact with the side of a matchbox! what I should have said is if you have a choice then something less abrasive is much better than emery cloth... Your correct that Aerosol contact cleaner like 'Servisol' etc wont shift the oxide layer and in this kind of application is not much use but as a water displacement after cleaning the contact it will help reduce oxidisation, the manufacturer will have plated the contact with something akin to tin and often cleaning an oxidised contact that thin plate will be removed - the contact will now work but the corrosion resistance will be degraded. A squirt of switch cleaner or a smear of Vaseline etc will often be advantageous. I have used a chemical cleanser which I imported from America to brighten contacts and it worked well but I ran out of it many years ago and cant recall the name but it was very similar to Goddards silver dip used in jewellery work. Again very thorough cleaning afterwards with a solvent like IPA is essential. The pencil brush is fantastic - I first started using it as pretty much the only certified tool for cleaning relay contacts in the late 70's - it will whip of oxide and tarnish and leave a very fine surface, now its not perfect and of course it will also damage the plating if over used. The tiny fragments of fibreglass do stick in your fingers and hurt like '****' and the oxide deposits from the contacts can act as a semiconductor so cleaning the dust away properly is important in some cases. Often to clean contacts such as typical LR electrics we need nothing more abrasive than a piece of cardboard HTH
  9. These are very useful for gp contact cleaning - I wouldn't be using emery cloth or anything so abrasive on contacts of any sort.|pcrid|78108292509|&gross_price=true&CATCI=pla-131288359509&CAAGID=14989780989&CMP=KNC-GUK-GEN-SHOPPING-DURATOOL&CAGPSPN=pla&gclid=CICV-MOkgNMCFcG7GwodefECPA&DM_PersistentCookieCreated=true&CAWELAID=120173390000047499 HTH
  10. Either way is similarly complex, on a four poster I think dropping the box is a lot easier, if you only have a crane its more a 50/50 choice. I would make a judgement call based on the state of the vehicle and any other work I wanted to do at the same time. On a 1984, possibly footwells to do etc... HTH
  11. I wouldn't bother much with ebay, they are as cheap and often cheaper direct from the supplier. No affinity with apart from being a satisfied customer but try Alison Handling Even if you dont buy anything from them the website has some good storage ideas.
  12. Its brilliant, its good to see people still have humour and take the trouble to give others a laugh - one of the sellers 'other items' is particularly funny and I recall one apprentice at the loco works in 1970 (ish) being sent for a can of that stuff :-)
  13. shoot me for a missed comma ... To be honest the rules are contradictory anyway, rather than the heavy handed approach here, mods could have simply asked Graham quietly to stick to forum rules and add OT to the title (or done it themselves) which would have avoided all the unpleasantness that followed.
  14. To be honest the rules are contradictory anyway, rather than the heavy handed approach here mods could have simply asked Graham quietly to stick to forum rules and add OT to the title (or done it themselves) which would have avoided all the unpleasantness that followed. Quote: Rules and regulations Rules and regulations have deliberately been kept simple and have been left to 'common sense' (snip) As this is a Land Rover forum members are expected to keep the majority of their posts about Land Rovers or subjects closely associated with them, their use, repair or modification. Some off topic posts are acceptable but in this case the post title should begin with the letters 'OT' as an indication that they are not Land Rover related.(snip)
  15. I reckon this is at least as important as height, its a complete pain when trying to squeeze past the open doors when working from engine bay to cab At the end of the day we use what space we have but if possible... wider is better