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  1. No other gears, not in high range or low range, NOTHING at all!
  2. So, I finished it up yesterday, new front seal, filter and sump gasket, 11 liters of Ravenol Dex III and started her up. Not happy on 2 year old fuel, but got the old bag to idle eventually, and shifted through the gears a few times to get the oil nicely into the gubbins and the torque converter. Then, set off for a drive around the block to get some fresh fuel and see what else has decided to quit on me since I parked her..... Such a great feeling driving the Rangie, big smile on the dial until I got back to the house, aro
  3. Here is an app I found that allows you to play around with linkages. linkage.msi
  4. The engine, box and TC are here in Cape Town at a used engine/box importer. Shipping a complete vehicle into SA is a nightmare unless it's over 40 years old.
  5. We have LPG for forklift trucks and such like, but as a roadgoing thing, hen's teeth rare. I do not even know of a refueling place in Cape Town.
  6. I have only ever see one Diesel version here, and the owner was NOT interested in selling.
  7. What bits would I need to swap the petrol engine to a diesel in a GEMS engined P38? The petrol one is hard on the wallet, 'er indoors can't seem to lighten the foot, but she loves the ride of the Rangie. I have access to an engine, transmission and transfer box, removed with ancillaries, so what else will I need to source to complete the job? Engine and mounts ECU Engine and engine bay harness assembly Fuel delivery bits in tank
  8. That'd be the dog's nuts for my P6 project. Just cheesy enough to really torque the rivet counters, and possibly actually useful, to legitimise it. From whence cometh it, my good sir?
  9. It's all down to how well maintained it has been, like any component. AFAIK, it's more "reliable" than the P38 EAS, but by the same token, it's a LOT less complex a system, so that stands to reason.
  10. Isn't the D2 air spring option for the REAR only in the Self Leveling System system?
  11. We use Loctite 8009 at work.
  12. I have had to loosen bolts torqued to 70Nm with a 1m cheater pipe before, thanks to galling.
  13. 100% agree, stainless is really good at galling. Probably one of it's worst characteristics.
  14. It could be stuck rings, chuck a slug of ATF into the bore with the piston at BDC or close to it, so you can get enough to cover the piston and leave it for a few days to soak in nicely, that should free the rings up for you.
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