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  1. Maybe also go here to see if they can help... www.v8forum.co.uk
  2. It looks like that from this... https://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/driver-bits/US-Allen-Drive-Driver-Sizes.aspx
  3. Easy to fix... Allow the Police to react as per the guidelines for Assault with Intent and that will stop in its tracks. Nothing like a truncheon over the noggin and chrome bracelets to focus attention on the silliness of that idea.
  4. Once you have the puller on, a few carefully calibrated thumps with a buggering stick won't go amiss. Give it a squirt or 2 of your favourite penetrant beforehand, too.
  5. I just fitted the release bearing to my gearbox yesterday afternoon, and to get the release lever to engage the housing of the rlease bearing was a faff with the box on the floor, kudos to anyone who even TRIES it in-situ.... I also broke that fiddly plastic staple clip on the first try...
  6. Probably what I will do. There's a bit of an issue with my garage boundary to sort out first... it seems my council approved plans and the inspector coming around and approving my trenches when I built the garage weren't enough and I suddenly find I am a good half meter over the street side boundary....🥴 Where in SA are you?
  7. You are probably right with the tunnel lift, but I am going to use a chain block as primary lifting means through the tunnel hole and a jack for longitudinal correction. I have made up a small gantry that fits over the tunnel and that will hold the chain block nicely over the hole. I took the whole plate out, rather than faff through the gearstick hole, which will help move the lift point towards the TC a bit more. As for your pit..... bah, humbug! That is on the cards for me, but I believe the Monkeypality takes a dim view of such things. How is yours built? Bricks or a drop in prefab arrangement?
  8. Merry Christmas, everyone! Blessings, bounty and happiness to you all.
  9. If you can find the Buick V6 front cover it will have the uprated oil pump as standard fit and will fit onto your engine.
  10. Does anyone have an idea where the centre of balance is on the R380/LT230 combination? I am looking fore and aft only, not lateral, with the eye to where to hoist it to reinstall. Can it be done via the rubber boot hole for the shift stick or do I need to pull the whole panel out that holds the Hi/Low stick, too?
  11. Blimey! Some sharp skills there, Hat's off to you, sir.
  12. It could be your clutch release isn't pushing in far enough to fully disengage the friction plate, or, the input is binding on the spigot bush as it warms up.
  13. Absolutely agree! While you are at it, have a quick shufti around the yard to see where you could site another/others to haul dead ones in/out. You will probably have left over mix, so use it.
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