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  1. JohnnoK

    101 winch PTO repair and overhaul manual.

    Another nice source of manuals.. http://smithies.co.nz/land_rover/
  2. JohnnoK

    Repair panels

    Drat! Just when I was getting excited... Oh, well... I guess it's going to have to be the hard way, then. I need to replace the roof after it had an argument with a tree branch, and the screen needs to come out to do that, so pulling the dash and doing that at the same time will keep me off the streets for a while.
  3. JohnnoK

    Repair panels

    That's pretty much what I'm after, it goes inboard until the bracket the air deflector attaches to, about an inch in from the hinges. Can you point me in the right direction, please?
  4. JohnnoK

    Repair panels

    Is the scuttle panel that forms the base of the front screen and holds the bonnet hinges, wiper assembly and the vent on the other side available as a separate section or will I need to fabricate the corroded bits myself?
  5. JohnnoK

    Tray backing questions

  6. JohnnoK

    Before I torch the piece of Cr@p......

    I had the 3 amigos for ages on my D2 and they suddenly packed up and departed when I fitted a new battery and had to make up new cables with decent clamps to replace the dodgy stuff that was fitted. A guy I know also had the 3 Amigos and they were repaired with cleaned up earth points on the block and chassis.
  7. JohnnoK

    P38/4HP24 Flex Plate CAD

    OK, so after much to and fro, here is what a mate knocked up for me. I haven't checked it for accuracy, so don't hold me to it, I will cut one in 0.5mm first to compare with me dead one when I do the job. P38 flex.DXF P38 flex.pdf
  8. JohnnoK

    V8 pinning liners

    Buy the engine, fit it and drive it. While you are enjoying it, buy the bits to do the top hat mod and do it to another engine ready to drop in when it's done. Sell the good engine you just pulled out to cover costs.
  9. JohnnoK

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    The oil filler cap looks useable... Please be gentle applying the fudge...🤪
  10. JohnnoK


    Nice one! I am not sure who the distributor is these days, I got mine back in 1997 at the Co-Op in Paulpietersburg and sent it to Joburg for repair. I'm back in SA on the 18th, give me a call and I will ask a mate who has a Snap-On van and see if he knows. 083 556 1466
  11. JohnnoK

    Intercoolers and other bits

    Not without some sort of assistance from ice or aircon type cooling.
  12. JohnnoK

    RRC Rear Prop Fitting

    I don't think the viscous will like that much.
  13. JohnnoK


    I bought a Britool torque wrench in a "Specials" pile of stuff at an Agricultural Co-Op on a trip to fix a broken-down chopper, but it's handle had been unscrewed completely and the shims had been lost and I could not get it close to calibrated with our Acratork at work, so I called the Distributor up and explained the story and asked if they could fix it for me as it had been a real bargain and was worth spending the money on. Time and a half went by and they called to say it was not repairable, but that they didn't have the same Nm only model in stock and would Sir accept a bilingual Nm/Ft-lb one? Sir most certainly DID accept it, with profuse thanks.
  14. JohnnoK


    I see from that link that they are now part of Facom Group. On the strength of using Facom tools every day at work for the last 8 years, I'd say find another supplier or buy older/used Britool stuff.
  15. JohnnoK

    hot pressure washers

    Sorry for the delay, it worked well when it was coaxed into life, but a lack of care and maintenance made it a frustrating process.

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