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  1. You, sir, are a champ! Thank you.
  2. Did you lube the inner surface of the seal with engine oil before fitting the pulley? If it is dry, the seal will generate heat and fail, causing it to leak, but in all fairness, it shouldn't be immediately when you rev it.
  3. Something like this? https://www.onlinegearboxparts.com/product/bmw-m57-to-300tdi-r380-adaptor-kit/ From here.. https://www.onlinegearboxparts.com/product-category/adaptor-kits/
  4. Who makes/supplies the electrical connectors used in the Discovery 2? I want to tidy up my engine bay harnesses and need new pins and some connectors to do that. Alternatively, does someone know the name/series of the connectors so I can do a comprehensive Google search?
  5. The sunroof isn't watertight, by design. There is an internal tray around the perimeter of the window that is connected to drain pipes that run down the A & B pillar, check they are not blocked and it may be that your tray is rusted through if it has been blocked for long enough before.
  6. The Nanocom diagnostic box can do it, but it wouldn't surprise me if the OEM one couldn't. Maybe consider buying a Nanocom, if you intend keeping the Landy, better, too, if you have mates who have vehicles with OBD-II connectors, because all you will need then is to buy the software and the appropriate cable for the various models, and you can start making some side money doing diagnostics.
  7. You need the gearbox shift lever housing and the difflock actuator and mounting off a D1make that work. Remove the current shift lever housing and transfer the stick and springs etc over and refit, then bolt down the difflock lever and linkages. You will also need a D1 hi/lo actuating lever for the T/C as there is a difference between the 2, the D2 is straight and the hi/lo linkage won't line up properly, the D1 linkage is doglegged and that lines the selector rod up nicely. http://www.discovery2.co.uk/D1_to_D2_cdl.html
  8. Recheck your clamps.
  9. You may have a leaking turbo hose to or from the intercooler. The hoses sometimes get pinhole leaks or the clamps aren't tightened properly.
  10. Tempting, but I wouldn't. A pressing reason why you shouldn't have will come to light, soon after you weld them...🤔
  11. A quick rummage on Google reveals that you may have this baby.
  12. I ended up getting an NSK release bearing, and will sell the HD one on.
  13. Reading this thread has me wondering what to do. I recently bought some bits off John Craddock for my upcoming clutch job on the Disco, and when the bits arrived.... The heavy duty release bearing is in a BLUE BOX...😬 as is the master cylinder. Now, the master cylinder is going on, as replacing that won't be a master class in frustration, but the release bearing has me worried...
  14. So, here are the remains of my release bearing.... My question is HOW does this happen? I have never seen anything this bad before.
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