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  1. JohnnoK

    Clutch master cylinders

  2. JohnnoK

    Bit of a bench in the making

    It is an invasive import form Australia. We have Eucalyptus, Black Wattle and Port Jackson Willow which are varying degrees of nuisance, depending where you live. We have Port Jackson in the Western Cape that regularly contributes to the big fires we have when our local Fynbos does it's regeneration burn. On the other hand, Eucalyptus in the fireplace really gives a good burn, plus, my wife's lungs don't mind it as opposed to Port Jackson which has her wheezing in short order. I remember hearing as a kid that sleepers were Rhodesian Teak, but that was phased out in favour of the locally grown Jarrah.
  3. JohnnoK

    Fitting a servo to assist Clutch - help please

    I wonder if a Hydroboost unit could be made to work?
  4. JohnnoK

    Bit of a bench in the making

    Most of the sleepers we had were Jarrah and Karri, some Oak from the early days, apparently.
  5. JohnnoK

    Bit of a bench in the making

    Sleepers for furniture is a big thing in South Africa.
  6. JohnnoK

    New TD5 fuel pump but now engine cuts out

    Has the pump primed the system completely to purge air out? When you turn the key on you will hear the pump running for a while, this is the purge/prime feature. It should be a gentle hum, if it's making a racket, there is either air in the system or it's a dud pump. I know the pump is new, but that is no guarantee of anything, quality wise. If the vehicle is a Discovery you can also turn on the key and push the throttle pedal fully down and release it 5 times to initiate the purge. I'm not sure if this also applies to the Defender.
  7. JohnnoK

    Using a Rivnut tool help

    You may need to practice a bit with material of a similar thickness. Once the rivnut is set, any additional pulling simply damages the rivnut. The hassle is, if they aren't squeezed enough they will spin, but if you pull too much you mess them up.. Generally, you can feel the rivnut "give" as it deforms to the final dimension before it becomes harder to pull and you enter the damage phase of setting it.
  8. Use the same bolts as either part has for it's standard fit. No need for increasing sizes.
  9. Aluminium at 10mm and over should be well up to the job.
  10. JohnnoK

    Disco 2 structure

    It's the only one I have ever seen in that colour.
  11. JohnnoK

    Disco 2 structure

    The roof panel is steel. I cut the alpines out with an angle grinder and will softly-softly remove the metal.
  12. JohnnoK

    oil psi

    No, it was for the 3.5 and pre serpentine engines. The Buick cover from the cast iron V6s is a direct bolt-on to the RV8 and has the better flow rate pump.
  13. JohnnoK

    Disco 2 structure

    OK, so I found a rusted out roof with 2 manual sunroofs and Alpines still in it and snapped it up to investigate. Some chopping and chiselling reveals that the roof is spot welded to the underlying structure and I lost count and interest at 53 spot welds down only the one side. Looks like it's going to be a pillar cut and weld job for now. Cutting the old one out and seam welding/bonding it might work, but it is a screen out job however I approach it. Right now, my spare roof with it's sunroofs is languishing in my workshop waiting for some minor repairs and refitting sunroofs and roof bars prior to the big swap.
  14. I have seen structures guys using buff packing tape on bits that need to be kept separated.
  15. JohnnoK

    oil psi

    If you want to upgrade your pump, then fit a front cover off the Buick V6 engines, it has the high volume pump standard and is a bolt-on swap. Alternatively, there are kits available that you can fit, but they are a fiddle to set up with a bunch of shims.

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