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  1. What about fabbing up something similar to a Stacking Cone to loacte the body in a suitable hole in the trailer bed and then using Twist Locks to secure it? Both are on this page... https://speedspares.co.za/component-catalogue/other/
  2. Thick grease should hold them in place.
  3. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Well done, that man!
  4. Your guy's prices in the UK are high. You can have my scruffy, but rust free P38 for 2500GBP (I'll take 2250, realistically, and count myself lucky), almost 380k km, no aircon thanks to the fuse box issue, no radio because I removed it to redo the wiring and haven't bothered replacing it yet,functioning EAS and it needs the ABS pump motor replacing as it's starting to go dickey. I missed out on an automatic Disco Td5 with a faulty gearbox for 2000GBP, it had a long range tank, winch, snorkel, dual sunroofs, 6 good tyres and a bunch of spare parts with it. It needed a door replac
  5. Some are 1/2" square drive female, as are both the fill and drain of the BW transfer on my P38.
  6. Whilst I am not familiar with the Honda in question, from a Td5 owner's point of view, the engine will start and run quite fine with incorrectly coded injectors, the coding is as you say, for fine tuning. When I replaced my head, I discovered the injectors fitted were not even listed in the ECU, let alone in order, and it ran fine, blown head gasket notwithstanding...
  7. Sorry to hear that, Eightpot. I'll have a grumble about the heat on your behalf.
  8. You should still be OK to get in, but depending when you plan to leave, you may be in lockdown again. I predict SA will be back to a hard lockdown by mid Jan-early Feb at the very latest.
  9. I have heard different opinions on this. One says that if the old bolts are the same length as a new one, then they are still in spec and can be reused, and another says always replace.
  10. I use Castrol BOT402, which is the equivalent for the MTF94. MIDAS, MASTERPARTS etc should all sell it. You can also go with the RAVENOL MTF-1 75W85, which is listed as a BOT402 equivalent. Call Freddie Stafford at Ravenol (021 447 3142), he will set you right, and they deliver anywhere in SA. It's also available in Europe, being a German product.
  11. Transfer case and diff oil can be identified by the smell, most times. If your car has a cooler fitted, check the lines for chafing, mine chafed through and I lost the transmission due to no oil. Your best approach would be to clean everything underneath, service the levels and drive it for a few days to let it drip again, so you can follow it easier on the clean parts.
  12. What Maverik said, and or the gearbox mounts, just jack the transfer case slightly and you will see if they are good or not.
  13. Do you have a photo of that please? I am curious to see the look of it. My D2 has started to sag and my P38's liner was removed by the PO so I have those to look forward to.
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