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  1. JohnnoK

    hot pressure washers

    Sorry for the delay, it worked well when it was coaxed into life, but a lack of care and maintenance made it a frustrating process.
  2. JohnnoK

    Unimog 404 Diffs

    There is a crowd outside Cape Town called Pon Steyn, but you will likely need to be seated for the price. https://www.ponsteyn4x4.co.za/contact/
  3. I managed to snag one of these nice and cheap.. Now, I need 3 phase power at home to drive it...
  4. JohnnoK

    Discovery 2 TD5 clutch adjusment

    The pedal position is adjusted from inside the cabin.
  5. JohnnoK

    P38/4HP24 Flex Plate CAD

    Yes, 'twas I. Still looking for one and will post up as soon as I get lucky.
  6. JohnnoK

    D2 auto box

    My Missus is struggling with the clutch of the Td5 and a defective knee, so the idea is to go automatic from the manual I currently have. A mate has kindly offered me an auto box free of charge, but it's out of a Disco 1, will it work or is the D2 box a totally different animal? Another idea that sprang into my mind was to fit a remote booster like was used in older Brit cars, MGB, Mini etc. Is that feasible or is the required flow going to be too much for the servo? This sort of thing.
  7. JohnnoK

    TD5 knocking and lots white smoke

    Does the smoke smell strongly of diesel and did it have a misfire? If so, you probably have a dead injector/s. Is the car using water or pressurising the coolant hoses? If so, you need a new head gasket and to have your head pressure tested for cracks. If it's pressurising the hoses, your head gasket is probably the culprit and if it's just using water it's likely a cracked head into one of the exhaust ports.
  8. JohnnoK

    hot pressure washers

    We had a Karcher at work and it was great.
  9. JohnnoK

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    Why not just change the front diff to a Disco 2 one?
  10. Isn't there a tie-in with an oil pressure switch, too? I may be way off base, but there is a lingering fragment of a thought along those lines. Something to do with the pump continuing to run after the initial prime when the engine has started.
  11. Get hold of this bloke... http://www.extraefi.co.uk he is on v8forum.co.uk too.
  12. I don't know how compatible they will be with your Mahindra, but this crowd do replica bits.. https://www.mdjuan.com.ph
  13. JohnnoK

    Happy New Year Folks!

    Happy belated New Year, may it be better than last year in all respects!
  14. JohnnoK

    P38 V8 Coil Pack

    There will be enough path for the earth to run through the various bolts from the manifold to the block and on to the earth strap, but it may well go via the loom, too. Have a rummage in RAVE's electrical library to be sure.
  15. JohnnoK

    TD5 10p/15p

    Now, get yourself a coffee tin and start putting the spare change in it for the AMC head...

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