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  1. JohnnoK

    oil mingle with water

    That should work as a temporary fix, but watch your temperatures in the heat, you might find it starts running hot.
  2. JohnnoK

    Trailer Floor preservation

    What about the ally or steel faced foam sandwich panels they use for industrial cold rooms?
  3. JohnnoK

    oil mingle with water

    It sounds like the oil heat exchanger has failed. It lives on the left side of the engine below the exhaust manifold/behind the oil filter and is available as a replacement part. There are also aftermarket ones available that offer better resistance to corrosion, but if you use the correct antifreeze, you should be OK on an OEM one. Have a good look at the housing while you are in there, the pipe spigot is a good point for corrosion and subsequent misery as your coolant leaks out and strands you.
  4. JohnnoK

    Discovery 2 headlamp conversion

    From what I understand it's not a simple bolt-on change. There is some sheetmetal work needed to make the facelift ones fit.
  5. Looking good! Hope the mug heals up nicely. I got burned like that from welding once, too. It's not pleasant.
  6. JohnnoK

    Is this practical

    Any more info on the OM606 conversion, please?
  7. JohnnoK

    Trailer Floor preservation

    Unless you are looking for aesthetics as well as protection, I wouldn't bother with the oiled bits. Chances are the oil will protect the wood anyway and your application would cover the rest of it that wasn't oiled.
  8. JohnnoK

    Replacement for a NATO hitch on a Defender

    I have this on my D2, but I would never use it for a recovery point.
  9. JohnnoK

    Drawing the line

    Have a look at the AMC heads for replacements. They seem to have addressed a lot of the cracking issues with their casting, and they come with or without valves. I'd replace the bolts as a matter of routine, though, but that's my choice.
  10. Does anyone have a CAD file for the flex plate, please? Mine has failed and the ones I can get locally are all mild steel, so will also fail. I want to get one cut from spring steel sheet, but need the CAD for that. TIA, John
  11. A question, if I may... What is your reasoning for using the dark covering on the panels? You will probably end up having to use your lights all the time you are in the vehicle and if you are on battery power, it will soon run them down. Surely, white or lighter would give better ambient conditions and require less use of the lights?
  12. JohnnoK

    Clutch master cylinders

    He did, apologies!
  13. JohnnoK

    Clutch master cylinders

  14. JohnnoK

    Bit of a bench in the making

    It is an invasive import form Australia. We have Eucalyptus, Black Wattle and Port Jackson Willow which are varying degrees of nuisance, depending where you live. We have Port Jackson in the Western Cape that regularly contributes to the big fires we have when our local Fynbos does it's regeneration burn. On the other hand, Eucalyptus in the fireplace really gives a good burn, plus, my wife's lungs don't mind it as opposed to Port Jackson which has her wheezing in short order. I remember hearing as a kid that sleepers were Rhodesian Teak, but that was phased out in favour of the locally grown Jarrah.
  15. JohnnoK

    Fitting a servo to assist Clutch - help please

    I wonder if a Hydroboost unit could be made to work?

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