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  1. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    Hi Folks, Like so many defenders before, my bulkhead is giving up the ghost. The footwells are good and it's just the corners that are getting a bit too knackered for my liking to it's time to do the repairs. I haven't been in to have a proper poke around but it looks as though the bulkheads have an inner and an outer skin, is that right? In the engine bay everything look solid but inside the cabin is a different story. If i buy one of the standard repair corners, will it only replace the outer skin (the engine bay side) and will i just have to fabricate some panels for the cabin-side?
  2. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    What does the silicone spray do?
  3. paime

    A cautionary tale

    I know and i agree....but personally i'm a bit neurotic about those sorts of things. I've been burned by thinking it'll be fine in the past (quite literally on some occasions!) so i would want it properly sorted. That's just me though and this one is really personal choice.
  4. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    It's funny how snow seems to arrive whenever an urgent job needs doing! My exhaust decided to part company with it's mountings over the weekend so she'll be off the road for a while anyways. Looks like i've got a long road ahead!
  5. paime

    Painting a new Crossmember

    In my experience, the standard black coating that comes with after-market chassis parts will give you a couple of years of protection and then it'll start to stain and ultimately rust. I think the best way to properly sort it would be to strip the existing coating off (or at least key into it) and apply something a little bit more rugged. The experts will be along shortly to let you know what that coating should be but I'm a fan of red oxy as a base coat.
  6. paime

    A cautionary tale

    If it was me I'd constantly be worried that it would cause gasket failure at some point (even though it's in a non-critical position) and I'd have to get it swapped out. It's entirely their fault, not yours and they can be as shirty as they like but unless the parts description alluded to possible damage then they have to replace it.
  7. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    You're not giving me much hope here! Define "sod of a job".....
  8. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    Classic Land Rover with 'breaths' of this and 'whiffs' of that! I'm fairly rubbish when it comes to fabricating anything decent and my welding skills are, at best, below average. I'm loathed to go down the route of a new bulkhead because it'll cost several thousands to do though. I'm going to get hunting on the internet and see if there are any companies selling internal panels. Seems odd that nobody does it (potential business idea for someone maybe?) as this is the spot where all defenders will likely rust.
  9. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    I get the logic here and i'll do everything i can to avoid setting my beloved Daisy on fire...however....how to get some rust prevention in between the outer and inner skins once i've completed the plating? Is there a trick to it or do i just go to town with some cavity wax?
  10. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    Looks like i'll have to fab some repair sections then! Is it worth coating as much of the bit between the panels whilst i'm in there or did Land Rover do an ok job of it?
  11. paime

    Leaky door window strips

    +1 for this chap's videos. Plenty of nuggets of info in there to solve myriad problems. I put new seals on mine earlier in the year and they've been fine. I can't remember where i got them from (they may be Br*tpart ones) but they formed a tight seal against the window. Are you sure the water is coming in directly at the seal? Could it be coming in from the corners and working its way towards the middle of the window to make it seam like it's the seal thats giving way?
  12. paime

    Best way to seal up these door corners?

    Have a look at this vid:
  13. paime

    Leaking Fluids Mystery

    Just noticed there was a video attached - weird stuff! Does it only drip when the engine is running or has recently been running? I'm thinking it might be a freon leak.
  14. paime

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Here's mine, Western. Ignore the flecks of mud from when the dogs shake in the back! I bought it a few years ago, was fairly straight forward to fit (had to trim a piece out the bottom dash rail iirc) and has lasted well ever since. I had intended to fit some proper rocker switches for ancillary bits and pieces but you can see how far i got with that exercise...
  15. paime

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    Have you got any pics of this? Very intrigued by the prospect of installing an Android tablet in the dash as it'll undoubtedly be cheaper and more functional than a normal double-din unit. How do you get it to play through the speakers?
  16. Cheers Mav, i might very well take you up on that offer!
  17. As the weather starts to turn up here in the frozen north i'm noticing my TD5 is taking longer to get up to temperature. It's always run a little cool but the needle is barely moving on a 20 minute commute through town. On a longer run i can get it up to temp but if i'm on the motorway then i can only get about 1/5 up the temp scale. The strange thing is that whenever i press the accelerator the needle dips slightly so i'm wondering if the gauge might be the issue. I've checked for the usual head gasket failure signs and there's nothing to note and i've also changed the thermostat about 6 months ago so i'm ruling those two out. No obvious leaks in the system and it holds coolant just fine. Is it time for a radiator muff or should i be looking at that gauge a bit more?
  18. paime

    110 front axle springs - which one where?

    I'm going to throw a spanner in the works here and say the long ones are on the driver's side (right hand side). Could be a UK/Canada difference though? Also, i could be totally wrong!
  19. I didn't even know this was possible! I've got a new thermostat in now and so far, so good. Still need to have a good check of the earths and i also have a HEAP of oil in my ECU block connector. Starting to think i should've bought a 300tdi to stay away from some of these electrical gremlins but hind sight is an exact science etc etc...
  20. So, things are looking better on the heating side of things. I changed the thermostat, heater matrix and 2 cooling hoses and she seems to be running better. It's been warmer up with us recently though so that might be making a difference. On a related note, i've spotted the attached pic on my travels. How do you even go about fixing that? Could this be causing some issues with all my brake warning lights and the temp gauge as well?
  21. paime

    2.5 TD5 or 2.4 Tdi?

    I have a 90 TD5 and drive a 2012 2.4 110 for work. The TD5 is slower and colder but i would have it over the 2.4 any day of the week. The leg room in the 2.4 is terrible and the transit engine doesn't sound like a defender to me. I don't think parts are ever going to be an issue for either vehicle so no real differentiators there. One thing i would say is I wouldn't spend £15k on a TD5 even if it was well sorted with low miles. Rust will creep into the chassis and bulkhead soon enough and you'll see some depreciation. I'd spend tops £10k and the rest on regular maintenance. That's just my opinion though!
  22. paime

    Will this fit?

    Sorry guys, not a very interesting post here but i need a new rear wiper motor for my 2000 TD5 90 commercial, will this one fit? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-DISCOVERY-2-TD5-V8-REAR-WIPER-MOTOR-DLB101640/273585801703?epid=25022245782&hash=item3fb2fc09e7:g:q2YAAOSwctJcACDU:rk:3:pf:1&frcectupt=true New ones online seem to cost a packet!
  23. paime

    Will this fit?

    Ah ok. Hopefully it'll be plug and play on my TD5 but time will tell! Cheers
  24. paime

    Will this fit?

    Cheers western. Looking at that thread you mentioned having to buy a new 3 pin econoseal plug. Did the new motor not match up with the existing wiring connections?
  25. Thanks guys, i'll have a crawl around over the weekend and do some tidying up. Re the slow heating, is there any merit in either removing the viscous fan or installing an electric fan set? A rad muff at £30 is the cheaper option but i'd be worried my intercooler isn't getting the air flow it needs.

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