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  1. Probably to get it to the stage of being a nice little runaround. I've always like the 3 door RRs but maybe this one is a bridge too far.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-Range-Rover-2-door-Rolling-chassis-shell-with-tags-Project-car/174289374659?hash=item289474cdc3:g:hRMAAOSw0YxexZ9T Maybe the wrong title for this thread as i'm sure you will all say 'yes, it's worth saving' so i guess the real question is, how easy will it be to bring back to life?
  3. A new bulkhead is the dream! Is it ok to move around the garage by yourself or would you need 2 people?
  4. Any update on how the build is going? I'm placing an order for new chassis and bulkhead soon so going through the usual Marsland/Richards/Shielder internal debate.
  5. Thanks for sharing that, Western, didn't realise i could use Google like that! So to answer my own questions: 1 - Kinda 2 - yes 3 - Valeo 4 - release bearing, slave cylinder 5 - still can't find any links to tutorials or step-by-steps. Some people take the engine out and others are pulling the gearbox back, both seem like a terrifying proposition to me!
  6. I'm getting the dreaded clutch judder on my 90 TD5 and i imagine it's time to replace it before it gives up on a drive somewhere. A couple of questions for you: 1 - is this a job i can do myself in my garage? I have a trolley jack, bottle jack, most tools and plenty of teabags 2.- do i absolutely need to replace the DMF as well? 3 - any recommended clutch manufacturers? 4 - is there anything else i need to replace whilst i'm in there? There's a high-pitched whine in the morning when i start it up and depress the clutch so i'm thinking release bearing as well? 5 - any links to tutorials anywhere? I've tried searching this forum but i couldn't find anything (probably my terrible searching skills)
  7. This is key imho, limp home mode is massively overused in modern vehicles and is far too easy to trigger. It should be up to me as the driver if I choose to push on even though there's a fault somewhere, not an ECU.
  8. So, in an attempt to link this together somehow, are we saying that the new grenadier needs to be closer to the 300tdi and if they aim for something comparable with pumas we'll all be very unhappy indeed? How much fancyness is going to be too much for us?
  9. @Snagger you raise an interesting point. Are our vehicles considered classics (even the later 2.4/2.2 variants) and therefore we're always going to be happy pottering around in them, dealing with maintenance and repairs as necessary? I.e. it's unfair to compare Defenders to Pretenders because they are such vastly different vehicles that will have vastly different owner profiles?
  10. Couldn't agree more and i'm hoping the new Granadier follows the Defender route rather than the Pretender route. Consider the variety of subjects on this very forum, do you think the Pretender will every have that sort of passionate ownership? I suspect any forum related to them will be full of complaints about dealers and queries about the extents of warranties. I'm hoping the Granadier will be as infinitely customisable as Defenders which will lead to a strong following amongst communities such as ours.
  11. Really like that colour scheme with the bare galv finish
  12. This is 100% true! I think the vast majority of defenders on the road will have knackered bushes and leaking shocks (mine included) and the owners are just enjoying being behind the wheel or their beloveds.
  13. i haven't encountered death wobble on my 90 at all so this is a bit puzzling for me. I regularly drive on various road surfaces at speeds from 20 - 70mph, i'm fairly sure my swivel pre-load is wrong, my dampers are sh*tpart as are my springs and steering damper and i've got steel modulars with standard tyre sizes. Is this a common occurrence in defenders?
  14. £40k?? You're missing an extra £30k for a relatively low-specced 110!
  15. @Garyn666 Out of interest, what was the price you were quoted to replace a propshaft?
  16. It's a really easy job to do yourself and you dont even need to jack up the vehicle. As Fridge mentioned above, if it's the rear prop propshaft then chock the wheels. I almost killed myself when doing mine by forgetting that no rear propshaft = no handbrake!
  17. Correct! I thought I might buy one but then realised the RRS is the better vehicle! Serious question though, how many people are actually going to use the new Defender for serious off roading? On the basis that the number is quite low, why is JLR trying to make the case for the new Defender as a serious off roader?
  18. Controversial opinion here, but if I were a richer man I might consider it. In fact as I typed that i realised I would actually rather buy a new RRS than a defender for the same money as its quicker, more stylish and just as good off road where I would likely take such a thing (a grass field).
  19. I don't want to get your hopes up but i think i've seen a similar one up here in Aberdeen. I'll check the reg over the next couple of days when i'm on one of my government-allowed exercise breaks as it's not far from my house.
  20. Out of interest, does anyone know what are the extra brackets for on the Land Serwis chassis?
  21. FWIW i think it looks amazing, even that yellow grill. I wasn't sure about the twin exhaust pipes coming out at angles in one of the pics but looks like that's been changed now to the side exit one. The article mentioned 3 friends drove it from Seattle to New York - that must've been one hell of an uncomfortable journey for all 3 of them!
  22. It's a cultural thing and to them it's as normal as tea and crumpets is to us. My old boss was a Texan and he once drove me from Houston to Dallas. When he picked me up from the hotel he went to the back of the car, pulled out a handgun in a holster and tucked it in between his seat and the centre console. When i asked him what was going on he said that it keeps him calm as he knows that if he pulls it out then there will be consequences. i didn't get his logic then and i still don't get it now.
  23. If it was branded "Discovery" that would be much better.
  24. I think the idea of being a bad-ass is what compels them to behave like utter loons. I'm so glad we have the gun laws we do in the UK and that's coming from a shotgun permit holder.
  25. Did you see the bit on the BBC the other night about the militia that are ready to take action should the government impinge too much on their freedoms? It was insane! The even crazier thing is that the militia weren't even new as a result of coronavirus, they've existed for a while as a 'just in case' measure. They're a bunch of military wannabees and were dressed in desert cammo with their wee name tags on their chests and everything. Sadly they also had access to a lot of guns and ammunition.
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