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  1. Good to know and panick over, thanks! i tried removing the fuel tank last night and was met with pretty much every single nut and bolt being seized and sheering off. New fuel tank cradle ordered today as i'm going to have to carefully cut the old one out. Also tried to get the tow bar off and was met with the same problem. At this stage i think i'm just going to have to go care-free with the angle grinder and get as much off as possible. Oh the joys!
  2. Its been a while since my last update and I've managed to get a few things done. Work and family life has taken priority but nevertheless I finally have a rolling chassis. Built up quite a few elements and im now onto some more stripping of the old chassis. Im a bit worried about my spring alignment on the front as it seems like my axle is slightly off to one side. Will things settle down once the engine is on and the springs are compressed a bit more?
  3. At this stage of the new defender's life i think its more a case of whether you like the car rather than how reliable it is. As Eightpot says, there are always glitches with new cars and its still way too early to comment on long term build quality. Personally, I dont like them having test driven one but until there are thousands on the road with hundreds of thousands of combined miles you won't know how likely they are to give you issues.
  4. I'm intrigued by what this could be, have you got any pictures?
  5. Some good progress this weekend. Did a few smaller jobs that were needing done such as put new swivel pins on (the old ones were a bit notchy) and also changed the pinion seals as I had the usual diff leaks. Quick question on the latter - how far in should the seal be? I've got a sneaky feeling I tapped them in too far as they're about half an inch into the casing.
  6. A bit more progress today - managed to get the front axle built up and the wheels back on. Hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to get the radius arms, springs and dampers in place and then i'll have a rolling chassis at last. A couple of questions/observations from today: 1 - Broadly speaking, what are my next steps from here? I'm thinking brake lines (need to stop being a chicken and drill the chassis for the clips), then take out the engine, replace the clutch, pop it on the new chassis then lift off the old body. 2 - i was almost in tears this morning. I've spent a good bit of time fi
  7. One more vote for the osram bulbs from me. I've got them on the defender and couldn't believe the difference they made
  8. Rust, rust and more rust! I've never had a good experience with coatings and bare steel in the past and the last thing I want to do is introduce the prospect of the chassis starting to rust prematurely.
  9. I'm keen for the rubber mounts but im still way too much of a chicken to be drilling my lovely new chassis. I'm thinking I could use all the predicted holes and then use something like these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281431740813
  10. I bought the britpart swivel housing repair kit the other week and have ditched all the bearings as they were the rattliest, flimsiest things I've ever seen. Some britpart stuff you'll happily take a chance on but its a rarity.
  11. Hmmm, I may have not done this and my chassis is all nicely primed and painted now. Are there stick-on pipe clips you can get to save drilling?
  12. Its been a few weeks since I've managed to get anything done due to work but I managed to get the rear axle on today and hopefully I'll get the front one on tomorrow. Quick question - does anyone have a diagram showing where the brake lines run? I'm going to replace all the flexi hoses and run copper in place of the steel lines so was hoping to do that on the new chassis before its too difficult.
  13. Sorry, poorly worded question. If my centre diff lock went pop and I had access to a disco one, would it be need fettling to fit?
  14. Excuse the ignorance but would that centre lock be a straight bolt-on for a defender TD5?
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