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  1. Does anyone have any spare door hinges or windscreen brackets lying around they don't need any more? Even better if they've got the pins removed and are in 2 parts. I'd like to get a cost from a local fab shop here i know for billet aluminium replacements purely out of interest. You'll need to take some images for me in a certain way so i can create a 3D model but it's easy stuff.
  2. Dirty sods! Ebay is riddled with that sort of behaviour these days and there are plenty of scam artists using it as the perfect selling tool.
  3. Forgive the naive question but what's the issue with the ad? Not disputing there is an issue, just don't know what it is!
  4. I can't believe the cost of those light surrounds! Utter madness!!
  5. This entirely sums up my thoughts - the new 'Defender' is for netiher the Farmer or the Countryman and nor is it for general industrial use so therefore ignores the core principles of Defender. It's a nice car, but it's not a Defender.
  6. I stuck about 8 plates and 2 outriggers onto various sections of my chassis last year and did it all with Halfords gas. Not the cheapest way to do it and if i knew i would have that much to do i would've gone for a bigger bottle but it was all very possible. I was a total novice welder before i started (and still very much am) but i practised on off cuts before i set about the chassis and was absolutely delighted when things stuck as i had intended. Before i went down the DIY route i got quotes from a mobile welder and i think it was going to be £300 per outrigger from what i can remember. If he found more rust as he went along which, lets face it, he definitely would've done, then that price would only go up. At least if it's your welder, wire, gas and time you can just keep welding until you're happy at very little extra cost.
  7. paime

    Strange one

    Solenoid? Had the exact same issue with my TD5 and a new solenoid on the starter motor fixed it.
  8. If it was me i would just plate it up. A mig + steel, gas and wire will set you back less than £400 and you'll have it for other jobs in the future as well. It's a nice easy place to weld, too. I had a similar dilemma on my outriggers and the kind folks on here persuaded me to buy a welder; certainly didn't regret it and have used it on heaps of things since. Given the expense of a new crossmember install, might it be an idea to save up for a new chassis in a year's time?
  9. It'll be much easier to get the small bolts that hold the swivel housing seal on as well if you have it on the workbench. I'd make sure you've got some spare to replace the old ones with as they're right in the firing line for salt/dirt and corrode to the point where it's nearly impossible to remove them.
  10. This is a much, much , much better idea than crawling around in the cold and wet! I should've asked the same question before doing mine!
  11. I had to tell my employees to work from home earlier in the week. It's all a bit odd imho as to keep money coming in we still need to go out and work (it's a land surveying business) so everyone needs to simultaneously be exposed to the public whilst not exposing themselves to the public. The only other option is to batten down the hatches, not do any work and let the business go pop in 3 momths' time.
  12. Saw this on Linkedin this morning: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ineos-automotive_these-days-most-4x4-manufacturers-choose-activity-6646012320470433792-gIQt
  13. As long as i don't have to learn a new programming language just to retract the rear caliper pistons then i'll be happy!
  14. The idea of a touchscreen scares me a little bit but i'll reserve judgement. If they do go down that route then hopefully it has a robust cover on it otherwise i would have it smashed and covered in mud off the dogs in a heart beat.
  15. To me it's not an issue of design rather an issue of calling it a Defender in the first place. I like the look of it, its just not in the Defender spirit of things.
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