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  1. I have the same issue on my TD5. I finally had enough of wearing gloves and a hat everywhere i went and have just installed one of those cheap Chinese diesel heaters. Now my cabin warms up in about 5 minutes and i don't even notice what temp the engine is running at. Took about 2 hours to fit and now i just need to find a better place for it. Worth considering imho.
  2. We have an exmoor rear mat in the company 110. I remember being disappointed with it when we were installing it, primarily because it just wouldn't sit right in the back. After a few years of hauling heavy peli cases around it's moulded to the correct form a bit better but still not what i was expecting from Exmoor. The lack of a clean edge where the mat goes from the top of the wheel well to the vertical face annoyed me a lot and no amount of double sided tape seemed to fix it.
  3. What's the ABS problem?
  4. I fitted BP calipers a few years ago and (touch wood) so far they haven't given me any troubles. Makes a big difference having refurbed calipers over rusty old ones but if you're replacing pistons and seals then i'm sure you'll see the same benefits.
  5. How did it go? Ice on the inside of my windscreen this morning so thoroughly looking forward to the prospect of having some heat! On a related note, what's everyones thoughts on plumbing the heater output into the lower dash panel to distribute the hot air via the footwell vents? Would it lose too much heat in the process?
  6. When I first bought my TD5 I remember there being a hatch already cut in the rear floor. Had a wee rummage around tonight and it looks as though the PO has replaced the fuel pump in the past and I've now got handy access to it. I've read elsewhere that you can tap into the grey spare nipple in the image here. Anyone know how that works? Do you just cut the end off and attach a fuel hose or do you need a stand pipe of sorts?
  7. Excellent, thanks for the links! Where did you mount the heater unit in the 110? What was the output rating on yours? D2s seem to be 2.2Kw but the chinese ones are usually much higher at 5kw and 8kw. Not sure if there are inefficiences of the system which reduce the realistic output though.
  8. What was the issue with the fuel lines and clamps? Do you have it hooked up to your fuel tank or the wee 10L tanks they come with? The cost is quite tempting with the chinese ones but i still have my concerns. This one looked quite interesting as well: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ETE-ETMATE-Diesel-Heater-Control/dp/B07YDCVF1X/ref=sr_1_4?crid=37CIGF49G1ZMG&keywords=diesel+heater+12v&qid=1573730498&refinements=p_76%3A419158031&rnid=419157031&rps=1&sprefix=diesel+heater+12%2Caps%2C176&sr=8-4
  9. As the weather gets colder my thoughts are once again turning to diesel cabin heaters to prevent mild hypothermia on my commute to work. Having had a good rummage around i think a second hand unit from fleabay might be the best choice. Too many concerns on here about the £150 chinese heaters and i'd rather not poison myself in the process. My only concern being my electrical skills are, at best, 2/10 so i'm worried i'm either a) not going to buy something with all the correct parts and/or b) be unable to fit it properly to the truck. Any advice for buying 2nd hand? I'm thinking something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eberspacher-d2-12volt-diesel-heater/233398616874
  10. Certainly is! You need one of these: https://yrmit.co.uk/product/side-panel-to-capping-foam-seal-lr-defender-90/
  11. What were the costs of all that if you don't mind my asking? Did you spray it yourself or did a body shop do it?
  12. Looks great! How did you paint the chassis? Etch primed and then top coat?
  13. Every day is a school day! So the actual combustion in pre-tdi engines takes place not in the bore but in a separate chamber?
  14. At the risk of exposing my lack of knowledge...what's a hotspot?
  15. What on earth caused that?? Marbles in the fuel mix??
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