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  1. paime

    New workshop project

    Remember you'll need 50mm cover over your rebar top and bottom. we used to design slabs like this with 2 layers of mesh, one running 50mm from the top surface and one 50mm from the bottom surface all tied with spacers. Are you going for brickwork walls or is a steel frame/timber frame workshop? if it's the latter then I'd spend a bit of time casting in studs for the feet of your frame. Much easier than post-drilling and hitting rebar with your drill bit!
  2. paime

    Roof Leaking?

    😂 i deserved that!
  3. paime

    Roof Leaking?

    Mutley - got any pics?
  4. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    Might give this a bash. My original plan was a flap disc and some red oxide across the whole dash but i want to make sure it's done right first time as when the dash goes in i'll never see it again. The engine-side of the bulkhead is actually pretty good so i shouldn't have to get in and do too much in there. My next decision is what to do with the A pillar - any thoughts?
  5. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    I've considered getting an old bulkhead, fixing it up then getting it galved but the cost of even rotten 2nd hand bulkheads is eye watering. A new galvanised one is also crazy expensive. I wish i'd bought a few bulkheads 10/15 years ago and stored them for selling later!
  6. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    Hi Guys, So i started the strip down last night in preparation for repairing the bulkhead. When i got the dashboard out the rust wasn't as bad as i thought (thankfully!) however there are a number of areas of surface rust. I'll plate in some places but what's the best way to deal with the surface rust? I've used Jenolite in the past but it didn't work as well as i'd hoped but then again maybe it was the way i applied it. Also, i'm thinking about repairing the A-pillar, how difficult a job is it to weld in the replacement piece? The seam is pretty rusty where the door seal sits so i'll need to do something to make it solid.
  7. paime

    110 paint colour

    Thanks all, you've saved me quite a headache there i think!
  8. paime

    110 paint colour

    Excellent, thanks! Project rust starts tomorrow so i'm a bit away from painting yet. Good to know silver doesn't like hand painting though.
  9. paime

    110 paint colour

    Can i hijack this thread and ask about the colour of my beastie as well? It's a 2000 Td5. Bodywork prep is starting soon and i'm tempted by the hand painted option.
  10. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    What does the silicone spray do?
  11. paime

    A cautionary tale

    I know and i agree....but personally i'm a bit neurotic about those sorts of things. I've been burned by thinking it'll be fine in the past (quite literally on some occasions!) so i would want it properly sorted. That's just me though and this one is really personal choice.
  12. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    It's funny how snow seems to arrive whenever an urgent job needs doing! My exhaust decided to part company with it's mountings over the weekend so she'll be off the road for a while anyways. Looks like i've got a long road ahead!
  13. paime

    Painting a new Crossmember

    In my experience, the standard black coating that comes with after-market chassis parts will give you a couple of years of protection and then it'll start to stain and ultimately rust. I think the best way to properly sort it would be to strip the existing coating off (or at least key into it) and apply something a little bit more rugged. The experts will be along shortly to let you know what that coating should be but I'm a fan of red oxy as a base coat.
  14. paime

    A cautionary tale

    If it was me I'd constantly be worried that it would cause gasket failure at some point (even though it's in a non-critical position) and I'd have to get it swapped out. It's entirely their fault, not yours and they can be as shirty as they like but unless the parts description alluded to possible damage then they have to replace it.
  15. paime

    Bulkhead woes

    You're not giving me much hope here! Define "sod of a job".....

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