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  1. This post feels like it's escalated quite quickly - you've gone from new tyres to an entire rebuild!! Looks great, though! Glossy axles always look the bees' knees.
  2. paime

    New Project

    That chassis looks to be in remarkably good health for its age! Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  3. I've seen a few YouTube videos but none of them show any circlips. It's a complete cartridge replacement I was considering. Is there a way to just replace the seals and bearings or would I then need to get it balanced?
  4. Looking shiny! That is indeed self levelling suspension you have. Quite rare I think.
  5. I think it would be rude not to give this thing the TLC it so desperately needs! There's a yellow lightweight behind Shorty's that I'm hoping can be procured on my next trip. Seems like those islands have a few gems hidden here and there.
  6. Excellent! Is it a fairly straight forward swap or do I need specialist tooling?
  7. After 2 years I still haven't replaced my turbo but after recently replacing the intercooler i should probably try to reduce the amount of oil going through it. Can I just replace the cartridge only? Will that cure the oil leaks and wobbly bearings?
  8. Took her out for a long spin today aiming for every puddle and muddy track whilst frantically waving to any other defender owner i could see - it's great to be back!
  9. And we have an MOT pass!! A big thank you to all you kind folks who have steered me in the right direction over these past 7 months. Feeling quite proud of my efforts and looking forward to being back behind the wheel and enjoying the truck one again.
  10. Did you happen to do one of your usual excellent tech write ups for this? I've got crystal lenses and nightbreakers which were fantastic compared to the original setup but I do suspect a weak power supply to them sometimes.
  11. I used the Bolt Hamber etchweld stuff in a tin. I think I probably didn't clean the chassis enough before starting so lesson learned there. When it comes time to do the bulkhead the new one will be hung outside on the crane and washed repeatedly before I start to paint it.
  12. @Litchexcellent post there and here are my 'lessons learned:' On the topic of body dismantling vs moving everything as one, i think it really depends on what you're working with. My bodywork isn't great and it's one of those jobs where once you start you can't put it back together in it's rusty state so the cost of replacing bits is just too much. I'm planning on a new bulkhead, doors, body cappings and seatbox bits for next year so at that time i'll have everything apart and hopefully it'll be easier to get it back together again. My alignment issues probably would have been lessened som
  13. Sounds like a job for the garage on Monday which also sounds like a cop out but they'll have better access than me. The rear axle still isn't centred after the drive either so I'll get them to look at that, too.
  14. Had a wee test drive this afternoon (closed roads) in advance of Monday's MOT. Lots of rattling from the rear and the traction control was stuck on so every time I hit the accelerator it made that usual TC grinding noise. A couple of questions: - how tight do all the nuts and bolts have to be around the trailing arms and A frame? Do the bolts actually squeeze the bushes tight or are they just there to act as a pivot point? - what could be causing the TC issues? I've got 2 new ABS sensors on the rear and I think I've got them on the right wheels. The sensors are pushed as the way home
  15. I don't want to put you off but the job genuinely upset me for about a week until today. I made simple mistakes like forgetting to slacken the bolts along the sill and floor plans, not thinking to undo the windscreen brackets and also keeping the slam panel tight. I only had to move the top of the bulkhead forward by about 7mm on both sides and at times it felt like 7 miles!
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