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  1. Do you have to wire gauges/sensors like water temp/EGT etc via relays or would a simple fused 12v supply suffice?
  2. When you get round to changing the chassis it's a good idea to have your own thread on here. When I swapped my 90 chassis the advice I got from good on this forum was invaluable.
  3. Whereabouts are you based, @Cluaran. Happy to lend a hand with the chassis swap of you're nearby.
  4. I'd echo the sentiments above. Just think how much you're going to spend on gas, wire and steel which will only delay the inevitable. When you buy your new chassis and bolt everything on you'll likely kick yourself for not doing it sooner. It's a big undertaking but there's so much experience on here to draw from and I'm sure nearby folk will lend a hand if you get stuck.
  5. Good lord what is this monstrosity?!
  6. +1 for St Andrews, it's a properly nice little town with some great places to eat.
  7. I don't hear many good things about Dunecht 4x4 these days. They seem to be interested in sales with some pretty poor after sales. I've only dealt with Titch a couple of times but find him to be a genuine enthusiast with lots of good advice. I wouldn't hesitate to send folk his way.
  8. @Anderzanderapologies i'm late to the party! I am indeed based in Aberdeen so if you need any help at all then let me know.
  9. I know a wee wild camping spot just south of Lochinver, send me a message and I'll point you in the right direction. It's by a loch with some excellent brown trout and far from the maddening crowds.
  10. Is the bonnet touching the wings at the hinge end? You can adjust the height/reach of the bonnet my tilting the bulkhead but then this will misalign your doors so far from a quick fix I'm afraid.
  11. Great info! I have a 2016 RRS and a TD5 Def so was looking for a single box that would do most things. To be honest i just want it to clear codes on the RRS and keep an eye on things on the defender. ECU remapping is for magicians and clever people, not simpletons like me!
  12. How do the Nanocom systems compare to the various cheaper alternatives in here: https://www.diagnostic-world.com/pages/best_land_rover_obd2_diagnostic_scan_tools__2021_guide_273368.cfm ?
  13. I've been to the Falklands a few times and on each occasion ended up with a land cruiser as a rental vehicle. Whilst I was comfy, I felt like a fraud.
  14. The gold looks really good against the black modulars
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