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  1. I think you might be right. Found some pics from when i did some 3D modelling and you can just see the alternator creeping into shot with what looks like 2 rather beefy cables attached to its post.
  2. That's what i initially thought but then i've already allocated a 12v feed to the starter so i'm a touch perplexed. Can't find it referenced on lrworkshop either.
  3. Given up on alignment for tonight as i wanted to feel like im making progress so started reconnecting looms. Well, that and im still huffing about my expensive brake lines! I took loads of pics when I was disconnecting all the electrics but somehow I dont know where this one goes, any ideas? I've also got a spare earth-strap-looking thing on the O/S side of the gearbox that I can't place.
  4. This does make a lot of sense now i come to think about it. Have you got any pics of the setup? How do you keep the flexi away from the tyre on full lock?
  5. Its been bad enough dealing with just the oily bits. Got the axles, radius arms and trailing arms blasted and painted properly, new bushes and dampers throughout, new zinc and stainless bolt kits, new fuel filter housing, A frame ball joint, swivel balls and kits, swivel housings, all of which wasn't budgeted for. Even had to get those annoying wee brake lines that go from the caliper to the bracket at the end of the flexi hose which are £20 each on a TD5, not that I'm bitter of course...
  6. Storage space or lack thereof is the primary reason for not splitting up the body. Right now in the garage there is the full Defender on a new chassis with the old chassis next to it. The bonnet has been stored on top of the roof for the past 9 months so definitely no room for wings etc lying around. In fact that's been the biggest challenge of the project really - finding space to do everything. Mrs Paime said absolutely no way to sticking anything in the drive for long periods of time so I've had to manoeuvre my way through clutter. Money also comes into it. I knew I would go over budg
  7. Snuck out at lunchtime (the benefits of working from home i guess) and slackened the bulkhead side of the bracket but no joy. Will give the inner wing bracket a loosen during my afternoon break to see if i can things to move. I haven't tightened anything up yet so hopefully there will be some wiggle room.
  8. Finally managed to get body to meet chassis last night. It was a bit of a fiddle but i hung the rear end on the engine crane and then the front end with the crane giving me enough play to move things around a bit if the holes didn't match up. The rear end went together fine but i'm having some alignment issues at the front. The N/S bulkhead bracket and outrigger bolt are all in but on the O/S i can't get the outrigger to line up. It's not that far off - is there more adjustment that can be done elsewhere? I'm not sure how i've managed to get the bulkhead bracket to align on the O/S but not the
  9. I'd love to find out how much these apparently overpriced Defenders actually sell for on ebay. There are plenty of high mileage 300tdis and td5s on for £15k+, some with galv bits and others without. Advertising at that price and selling at that price are two very different things though!
  10. I wish I had the technical know-how to make one of these!
  11. I did think of doing it that way but figured I'd have more lateral adjustment if the body was hanging on the crane as I wouldn't be able to shift the chassis around when it was up on the jack. I'm maybe about 15mm off to one side as things currently sit so will need to wiggle about a bit. Is there a trick to lining up the body? I've read somewhere to start at the back with fixings and work forward but the rear rail where the 10 bolts go is adjustable on the td5 chassis so not sure what to do.
  12. Creeping towards body meeting chassis now. Its been a real faff getting the supports in the right place - couldn't support the A posts because the outriggers hit the breeze blocks and I couldn't roll the chassis back far enough so had to mess around with the crane and taking wheels off to get the legs in the right place to lift up the bulkhead again and shift the blocks. Its all in a good place now so will try lowering the body tomorrow and over the weekend. The end is in site!
  13. I will admit to taking a guard off to get better access but after a near miss with a shattered cutting disc I wouldn't do it again.
  14. A great example of what you can do with a 3D printer and some know-how. What programme did you use to design the part? Is it glued on or screwed from the inside?
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions, folks. Checked the swivel preload and all was fine so still don't know what was causing it. My lockbock does have some of that anti-weeds coating on it so maybe that caused too much friction. I disconnected the steering arm and damper which seemed to help a little and eventually managed to manoeuvre the chassis under the body. It's been a real head scratcher as I couldn't roll the gear levers past my timber support (it was too low) but then I couldn't hang the front on the engine crane either because I couldn't roll the wheels over the crane legs. Eventually rol
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