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  1. hmmmmmm, i'm not sure i like that sloped bonnet or the front bumper although it's difficult to tell with the camo on. The overall feel of it looks good though apart from all the iron mongery hanging down!
  2. Can you not just nail the part to the fence and let the wind do the rest down there?? On a serious note, i've tried a Clarke cabinet blaster and thought it was great. I wouldn't use it continually (mostly because the compressor was too small and it ran out of steam quickly) but it was good for getting those cracks and joints clean where you can't get a wire brush or flap disk in.
  3. There are defenders in much worse condition than that on the road right now. Your bulkhead will be fine with a few new plates here and there plus some decent waxoyling and further rust prevention. Rear tubular outriggers are fairly straight-forward to chop off and replace as well after you've done the body mounts. Be careful welding galv steel though as the fumes are toxic.
  4. If it's nice and mechanical and rugged enough to be a proper workhorse then I might have one. Also depends what it looks like of course!
  5. There's not much in the way of publicly available off-roading in Scotland and, whilst you can walk pretty much anywhere you like thanks to the Right to Roam act, you aren't allowed to take a vehicle on to private land without permission of the land owner. There are some companies in and around Perthshire that do safari-type expeditions through some of the estates but that's probably not what you're looking for?
  6. I have the space but not the permission of the wife (yet...)
  7. Not sure JLR can afford to buy anything at the moment until they get their government bail out!
  8. Thanks for following up, Ed. I won't be able to get a look at it due to covid for a while but if there's a wee deal to be done then I'm all ears! Still struggling to get my head round values of these things... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264653499618
  9. Plenty of rolling but maybe not so much stopping.... What would the value on that sort of thing be? I've been perusing fleabay for a while now but the prices people ask are baffling. It's the same as the defender market I think - some very unrealistic sellers out there.
  10. If only i had the creativity! I do like the idea of an RRC but i think i'm going to give that one a miss. Something that can act as a rolling restoration would be better i think.
  11. Probably to get it to the stage of being a nice little runaround. I've always like the 3 door RRs but maybe this one is a bridge too far.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1979-Range-Rover-2-door-Rolling-chassis-shell-with-tags-Project-car/174289374659?hash=item289474cdc3:g:hRMAAOSw0YxexZ9T Maybe the wrong title for this thread as i'm sure you will all say 'yes, it's worth saving' so i guess the real question is, how easy will it be to bring back to life?
  13. A new bulkhead is the dream! Is it ok to move around the garage by yourself or would you need 2 people?
  14. Any update on how the build is going? I'm placing an order for new chassis and bulkhead soon so going through the usual Marsland/Richards/Shielder internal debate.
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