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  1. If it was factory it would've rusted off long ago...!
  2. Have you got a webasto diesel heater fitted? Looks like a fuel pump for that or something similar.
  3. Just about to start the top coat of epoxy but before i get going i thought i'd produce a quick point cloud of the chassis as it stands. I can't seem to get bbcode or iframe embeds to work in the forum but a link to the point cloud is here in case anyone is interested: https://skfb.ly/6V8Eu . It's acurate to about 10mm and i've turned on the download option should anyone need it.
  4. Getting a bit nerdy here for my tastes, chaps! Hands up who takes their trailer onto a weighbridge before every journey?? I would think most folks will just do some quick fag-packet maths and if it's less than 3.5t then it's good to go.
  5. No T-Wash as the BH etch weld is compatible with galv steel. I've been out tonight and had a good scrape about and can't get any paint to come off so i think i'm in a good position now. Still going to leave it a couple more days before i start the top coat just to be sure though. Axles are due back on Friday from the painters so i'm hoping i'll have a productive weekend.
  6. BH have confirmed its a curing issue and just need to give it more time. On we go!
  7. I would have a couple for the company but only if they do as they say on the tin. We run double-cab hiluxes just now which have enough room for 4 people comfortably and, with the truckman canopy, offer plenty of storage for kit. A new Hilux with canopy and kit is about £34k so the prices people are suggesting on here aren't a million miles away. Strict capital value isn't even what we look at when buying new as, like most folks these days, we go down the PCP route to preserve cash flow. PCP monthlies are determined by the gauranteed future value and it'll be interesting to see what the finance
  8. The whole thing was quite thoroughly degreased before any paint went near it. I'm hoping it's just a curing issue but time will tell. No idea what I'm going to do if I've got to start again!
  9. I'm going to get busy with a total station and set of ball prisms next week as not only is my floor squint but my axle stands aren't the same height either. If I look down the length of the chassis all cross members visibly line up quite well but only a TS will tell me properly. A bigger concern right now is the etch weld primer I'm using from Bilt Hamber as its quite easy to scratch it with your nail and it comes away. I've emailed them to see if this is normal as I would've thought there would be better adhesion.
  10. Went out this morning and measured everything I could. Its not helped by by axle stands also not being level but im seeing a difference of between 3 and 5mm across the whole thing. I think that should be fine but will I see fitment difficulties?
  11. I did this on my 90 but i accidentally lowered the end by 5mm and it gave me a real headache when it came to getting the door to line up. Definitely easier than taking the floor out but a few things to be careful with
  12. The pics of the 110 look like everything is shorter (height wise) than a standard defender or is it just my eyes?
  13. I'm a little bit worried as there appears to be a slight twist in the chassis which you can just make out in those pics. Will it all settle into something more level when the engine is in and weight is applied?
  14. Some more progress: axles, radius arms, trailing arms and panhard rod are all off to get blasted and painted so I've got more room for the new chassis. 2 coats of Bilt Hambet Etchweld are on and im going to use a rattle can for the third as there are quite a few places where a brush won't reach. Epoxy mastic goes on after this then hopefully the axles will arrive back from the painters.
  15. i'm getting a little confused with my polybush purchase and can't find mid-production TD5 kits. Everything is either up to '93 or '02 to '07. Will the '02 to '07 kit fit my 1999 TD5? I'm not sure what the main changes were. Edit: Ignore that, i think the 1999 TD5's have the wider radius arms so will go for that.
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