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  1. Hi all, Need some advice 90 300tdi since i bought it it has never really smoked but now on start up it is throwing out a lot of blue smoke but when it starts to warm up it clears and doesen't smoke at all. Your diagnosis would be much appreciated. apart from Will Warne sorry Will
  2. I will be there come rain or rain
  3. Tangoman


    Walfy, I can't believe you have friends in Kent and somerset because that's two friends more than i thought you had
  4. Looking good Will, now don't go taking it out you will only break it
  5. Sad news,I spent quiet alot of time down with him in the workshop before i moved from devon, sometimes i would just pop down for a brew and a chat always welcoming a really nice bloke will be sadly missed.
  6. That hurts,a bloke carries a little bit of extra weight and you have to pick on him thats what my face looked like when i read your post.Thanks mate pick on the shy quiet bloke why dont you. I wanted to write more but i cant see through my tears boo hoo hoo
  7. James when i had the rangie i wanted T4 NGO but the rangie was to old,O and i would have had to sell the house and all my posessions to get it good deal
  8. Had a great weekend,good to see everybody except WALFY great weather as normal. Had fun taking the 90 out for a run,thanks to andy again for the welsh cakes and coffee See you all at slindon
  9. Cracking day had by me and my side kick Guyzer90 newish forum user thanks for making him feel welcome. Good to see all the old faces,my landy looked a bit sad amongst all the prep'ed trucks James you are a very evil man which is great when not competing. Walfy,that wasn't verbal abuse i was just encouraging you in my own special way
  10. Well done bish looks nice, Is the rope on the front up for sale?let me know. Nick
  11. Adrian, if you are sick of looking at it get it finished and back to les! It will give me a reason to get fit to co-drive ha ha and i am geting withdrawal symtoms i need to smash a truck up Nick
  12. After moving house I have lost my workshop and have joined some of you that have to work on the drive.Yesterday me and les chaned the gearbox and clutch on the rangie it rained ,I don't like this working on the drive business. And would like to thank les for all his hard work on his birthday weekend hope you had a good 50th
  13. I'm up for this as well but have to check dates at work and if grandad les can manage two days.
  14. James Thanks Mate I will collect some time or give to les on the 31st. Thanks again
  15. Will, I always smile when i see that picture. Once again thanks for letting me do that stage
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