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  1. No I am sure it was a drill string because where it came out of the ground it was through a rough boulder which happened to have a neat hole drilled through it the same size as the bit of metal :)

    it may not have all been one piece of course, but it was the same stuff

    also it was hollow (to allow water down to cool/lube I assume) and made of pretty high grade steel (took a while to cut through) definitely not some old bit of reinforcing iron

    would have made a mess of a BFG too <_<

    sounds like a great bit of kit then, probably similar to the way the oil rigs send their drill bits into the sea bed.

  2. Yep, MTF94 wil be fine in the gearbox, LR now recommed it for all manual boxes,the sump oil might have been at the low mark before draining, 6 litres is correct to bring the oil to the 'N' mark on the dipstick & fill the filter.

    the fuel heaters could well be connected through the ignition switch to operate while on the glow plug position, might be worth tracing the wires back to see where they're connected,.

  3. The plastic clip is to retain the seal while in transit, bin it before fitting, you've found out why :lol: LR number for filter is AEU2147L [just for future reference]

    the other part will be a fuel heater for cold climates, I'm certain you won't ever need it switched on. EPC doesn't show/list one, must be either a LRSpecial Vehicles part or a LR option or a aftermarket part.

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