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  1. Hmmm seems like it's 50/50 here aswell, the 110 is no longer going to be my daily driver that's what my little golf is for the Landy is for work/play at the weekends and maybe the odd trip to work every now and again
  2. I've had a quick search on the forum but can't really find the answer I'm looking for so here goes, I'm rebuilding a Salisbury rear axle with disk brakes to replace my drum braked unit with a broken diff, in your opinions yay or nay to the brake disks guards some people I speak to says yes others say no . Thought this might be a worthy forum topic.
  3. cheers for that id never heard of britcar before i'll have a browse through that now .
  4. Just wondering what part suppliers are out there that don't insist on sending out b***part stuff as I just don't want to use them again I know eBay is quite good as you can pick through to find other manufacturers but I need a selection of parts and would like to do it in one order really , cheers in advance
  5. Nice thread revival, I can't believe how much you you've got crammed in there
  6. Anyway back to the topic in hand I've got these in my bay of e watchlist that I would like to get for all my stuff not to badly priced
  7. Oh yeh I know Culham and heard of that place problem is mines sorn atm
  8. Yeh I'll try a breakers yard and see what they want for axle and prop
  9. Yeah around the Didcot area also to add to the thread I'm a big fan of closed plastic boxes got all my stuff stored in them in my container
  10. Tell me about it trying to find one so I can get mine back on the road
  11. Cheers I can start looking out for one now
  12. Sorry for going slightly off topic but Landroversforever I see your in Oxfordshire do you rent a unit
  13. Yeh I knew I'd need a later prop as well but someone said to me they was different ratios so I thought I'd ask here and check
  14. Hi not sure if this has been talked about before or not but I have an defender 110 with the drum braked Salisbury axle which has blown the diff and halfshafts due to excessive play I think. My question is are the newer 110 axles with the smaller diff housing size and disk brakes the same ratio as my old Salisbury, as I would like the higher clearance for off road. Cheers.
  15. This may be a slightly weird request but has anyone got a defender dash apart that they could tell me the size conduit pipe that goes to the demister vent or does any one know this size of the pipe.