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  1. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    Got the disks today and they are the correct ones looks like I have a non abs td5 rear axle
  2. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    I'll see on Monday when they arrive hopefully they will and I can start getting the axle on and the landy back on the road
  3. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    Yeh I knew the serial number was there had a look yesterday can't see anything it has been sandblasted and repainted so maybe that's covered it
  4. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    Just had a look at the axle I cannot see the series number on it can see other numbers but nothing that resembles an axle code, I think I may just have to order the second set of disks and keep the others as spares
  5. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    I thought it was a 300tdi axle hence why I ordered the disks I did
  6. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    Right sounds like I have ordered wrong The axle I have has no abs and is the smaller hat type meaning it was a td5 axle
  7. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    these disks look like the unvented fronts and yes the caliper mounts to two lugs with tapped holes on the axle casing
  8. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    Just checked the disks I got are ftc 3846
  9. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    I can't remember if my calipers are Bolt on directly or on a carrier seems strange to me that lr would have changed the disks so.many times they'd be more likely to use the same disks for 3/4 different vehicles rather than 3/4 disks for one vehicle
  10. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    That's what I was thinking but the seller has told me they changed disks three times on the Salisbury axle and I've ordered the wrong ones which seems strange to me also they were described as Salisbury rear axle brake disks
  11. 110 Salisbury rear brake disks

    Hi would any body be able to tell me the difference between rear brake disks from 110 300tdi and a 110 td5 as I have bought a set of disks for my replacement Salisbury disk axle and they are the wrong ones and the seller is telling me I've ordered the wrong ones, just want to make sure as they look like front disks to me. Any pics would be great
  12. Welding Mask/Helmet

    i started my apprenticeship as fabricator and after a while a chance in the company allowed me to change to cnc machining and still do a bit of welding from time to time, i use a combination of two masks, this mask auto darkening mask for tacking, fitting up http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bolle-Fusion-Welding-Helmet-FUSV-New-and-unused-/332211757954?hash=item4d595d2382:g:BYAAAOSwdGFYwEsF then this standard wide view mask for actually fully welding the work piece http://www.r-techwelding.co.uk/phantom-passive-flip-front-static-welding-helmet/
  13. V8 90 stainless steel big bore exhaust

    I made a stainless straight through with glass packing and some semi circle shaped gates almost in the pipe for a friends series v8 that sound nice even though it's badly tuned atm, talking with the design engineer at work he said that the petrol engines need some back pressure hence tha semi circle gates
  14. Brake disk guards

    Hmmm seems like it's 50/50 here aswell, the 110 is no longer going to be my daily driver that's what my little golf is for the Landy is for work/play at the weekends and maybe the odd trip to work every now and again
  15. Brake disk guards

    I've had a quick search on the forum but can't really find the answer I'm looking for so here goes, I'm rebuilding a Salisbury rear axle with disk brakes to replace my drum braked unit with a broken diff, in your opinions yay or nay to the brake disks guards some people I speak to says yes others say no . Thought this might be a worthy forum topic.