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  1. I am including a 6" flexi pipe into the system on the down pipe just after the first bend this should help with all the vibration. I am tempted to include a slip joint now you've mentioned it Daan more towards the rear of the system. also do you have a picture of where the exhaust passes between the body and chassis. hoping i will get the down pipe welded to a stage that it will be complete as far as the transfer box this week so i will upload a picture of it then.
  2. I've just had a look at yours daan you've done the same as what I was thinking at going through the wheel arch instead of over the axle
  3. A v band is a machined ring thats welded on the end of each pipe the two mating surface are flat with a locating ring on one and a recess on the other. On the outer surface is either a 20 or 25 degree slope I can't remember off the top of my head and there is a clamp that tightens up around the outside and pushes the two rings together have a look on the bay of e for exhaust v bands that might clear it up a bit
  4. I bought a Salisbury td5 disk brakes axle earlier this year for 150 quid on eBay came complete didn't seem to have much wear on it but I've stripped it painted it new bearings and brakes. Probably 400 quid all in
  5. I've decided on 2.5" and possibly moving to 3" for the rear section as I have made up a nice fancy 3" tailpipe and Yeh I've been thinking v bands but wanted to hear people's thoughts on bolted flanges first before making two sets up
  6. for a while now I've been wanting to start my custom exhaust build for my 300tdi 110, so a couple of weeks ago i finally made a start to the entire system, machined a flange to suit the turbo and had the first straight welded on. This weekend i want to get my old pipes off and start fitting the first few bits up so i can finish the front pipe. what i cant decide on is what type flange to use to join the sections of pipes together, the options are: - 3 bolt flange - 2 bolt flange - slip joint with connecting tags - v band rings reason for these 4 styles is these are the 4 options that i can easily make up, just wanted to get other peoples opinions on which one would be the best option. cheers, Kierran.
  7. Got the disks today and they are the correct ones looks like I have a non abs td5 rear axle
  8. I'll see on Monday when they arrive hopefully they will and I can start getting the axle on and the landy back on the road
  9. Yeh I knew the serial number was there had a look yesterday can't see anything it has been sandblasted and repainted so maybe that's covered it
  10. Just had a look at the axle I cannot see the series number on it can see other numbers but nothing that resembles an axle code, I think I may just have to order the second set of disks and keep the others as spares
  11. I thought it was a 300tdi axle hence why I ordered the disks I did
  12. Right sounds like I have ordered wrong The axle I have has no abs and is the smaller hat type meaning it was a td5 axle
  13. these disks look like the unvented fronts and yes the caliper mounts to two lugs with tapped holes on the axle casing
  14. I can't remember if my calipers are Bolt on directly or on a carrier seems strange to me that lr would have changed the disks so.many times they'd be more likely to use the same disks for 3/4 different vehicles rather than 3/4 disks for one vehicle
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