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Does anyone know where I can get a pto and drive shafts etc for a Superwinch H14? I know they're like rocking horse p*! to find,but the more places I ask, the more chances I'll have! I've been offered an H14 inc heavy duty winch bumper and newish cable for £150 - does that sound like a reasonable price?



ps - it's going (if I get it) on a 1996 300tdi 110. :D

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For the H14 + PTO that's a good price, grab it. Nige (Hybrid_From_Hell) I believe knows a bit about the driveshafts, they're not the easiest/cheapest thing in the world but I think they can be done within the realms of sensible money. I've heard tell of steering UJ's being used on occasion.

Worth looking at clocking (rotating) the PTO to make the driveshafts run inline with the chassis rails, reduces the chances of snapping the thing off :blink: which is obviously undesirable :unsure:

BTW Perhaps this would be better on the international forum?

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In real terms no such conversion.

The winch unit is identical, the Hyd has a motor with a dog drive shoved into the back of it the Mech has a Dog Drive, the difference is the rest of it.

As I read it you've been offerred JUST the H14W without the PTO for £150, if so then by the time you have bought all the other bits it will have prob cost you nmore in both aggro and money that buying a complete or nearly complete one


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Anyone converted an H14 to hydraulic?

Hi Nige

Yeah, just the winch/bumper/cable. I have, however, found a pto and shafts for £150 + VAT, and hopefully the guy I'm getting the winch from (if I do) will be able to help me to fit it (he is my uncle!)and he's been playing with landies and winches for years. . Watch this space so to speak!

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