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Windscreen wiper with mind of its own


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The windscreen wiper, driver side seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it wipes all the way down the screen, other times onlt half way down. The dryer the windscreen the worse it is. I thought maybe because there is more traction rubber to window when only spotting with rain, causing slippage of the not so new looking splines. Or is it something more sinister lurking under the dash?

Cheers, Paul.

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Possibly a worn wiper drive wheelbox [the bit the arm attaches to] or a worn drive cable at that end, to change the wheelbox it's a dashtop off job so you can get to the nuts that secure the drive cable tubes.

You could try what Neil did to move the wheelbox & cable to less worn areas as per the thread above.

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Check the obvious & easy thing first.

Is the boss loose on the shaft? One of mine had a habit of coming loose occasionally, I picked up a new boss (under £2) and it has been fine since. I think it would heve been ok with a bit of Locktite on the grubscrew but there was a bit of play so would have probably got loose again sooner or later.

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