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Remember to check the depth


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Actually...by enlarging the pic shows there is a snorkle still protruding above the water line.

Perhaps it was just for show :rolleyes:

Following your lead I enlarged it further and noticed a small sea-bird flying past :D No! back to topic - I noticed no exhaust bubbles, no door-wide-open from bailing out, and some strange pixelation effects around both the vehicle and the bloke on the beach... <_< hmmmm


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I was sent this for the club ,ag, military instructor and pupil at a local site, instructor was explaining about the importnace of testing water depth with a stick, which they duly di.

Just seems unfortunately they didn't poke / find the deep bit

Luckily a club member was there to photo the event :lol:

Apparwently both were really reaaly good sports about it, write up in the next HBRO mag due out any day for those whgo are members !



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