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D2 (2003 MY) randomly pulling left or right.....

V8 Freak

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Hi all,

Asking on behalf of a friend that has an ongoing issue with their D2.... (Honest.. I don't own a D2... :) )

It's 2003 Automatic TD5.

No lift, running AT's, standard sizes...

The story so far...

ABS light comes on
Nanocom reporting ABS sensor and shuttle valve

Over 12 month period all hubs / ABS sensors replaced 
Shuttle valve replaced

After this there has been no re-occurrence of the ABS light / codes so assuming ABS now functioning properly. 

Then.... While all of this is going on and being sorted...

Vehicle randomly applying brakes (Left and right) under 30 mph

ABS block replaced

Sub 15 kph Nanocom reporting front wheels spinning 1kph faster than rears. Everything else looks fine.

No errors in Wabco ECU when read with Nanocom.

Assuming that this was two issues... 
1 - ABS block / shuttle valve and hubs / ABS sensors worn 
2 - Traction control system applying brakes (And doing what it thinks is right as no codes recorded) - No light on Dash to suggest TC engaged

The current thinking now is that ABS system is functioning normally it's highlighted the newer / second issue.
Issue is now in the TC system, but don't know where / how to track this down as not reporting any error codes.

Next up is trying replacement ecu (older model than current 2003 build) to see if this can eliminate ECU.
If it does, will find correct SRD500070 unit from 2003/4.

We may also swap the wheels front to rear to see if this changes anything...

@sierrafery - When researching this I've seen you posting on quite a lot of threads relating to the Wabco ABS / TC systems and highlighting this thread to you in case you have any thoughts / recommendations.


Can anyone help / suggest any further diagnostics to try and resolve this?

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Hi, if cheap hub was fitted prior of this erratic TC behaviour it's very possible to have the wrong number of teeth on the reluctor ring(55 instead of 60) so there are different inputs at the same wheel speed hence the TC kicks in considering it wheel slip... quite common

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If they have the correct number of teeth the resistance of the sensors must be checked with multimeter all around... if it's between 950 - 1100 ohm the system will pass the self test but if one or two are at the top end and others at the lowest the TC is mixed up, it's very sensitive so the resistances of the sensors should be as close as possible to each other but they vary within that accepted range according to manufacturers.

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Just a quick note to pull this to a close....

Yesterday the owner did some checks...

All sensors between 998 - 1008 ohms.

Spare / old hub and sensor (That had previously recorded an error in the ECU) counted at 60 teeth and sensor within specified range.

Owner looked at the last hub they installed...

O-ring around the top of the sensor perished.. Only 6 months old.

Sensor itself corroded and evidence of water in the tube.

Hub & sensor swapped out for the older spare.


All was good. No more random pulling and no errors recorded in the ECU.


Thanks for you help all, especially @sierrafery for pointing him in the right direction....

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