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Original LR rims


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I would be grateful if someone can provide some guidance. Just been out to check on my S2 LWB to find that it would seem that inner tubes are on each rim with 7.50x16 tyres. Presumably the 7.50x16 has a smooth inside wall suitable for inner tubes?

For the S3 SWB it would seem the PO was running 235/85x16 without tubes. If I recall correctly for tubeless rims one should have a shoulder each side of the rim to secure the bead which this rim does not have. Are folk fitting tubes OR is it a question of getting away with it? Maybe this is why folk fit Compomotive rims which being more modern have the shoulder.


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You can tubes in any tyre and on any rim. Although some modern tubeless tyres can be rougher on the inside of the tyre, which can wear through a tube. But generally it is not an issue.

You are correct, a tubeless rim will have ridges for the tyre bead to seat against. These are very important, because if the sidewall is push inwards to the centre of the rim, without the bead seat it could result in an explosive decompression. Chances are rare, however should it occur at speed it would likely prove quite disastrous. And should it be spotted it may invalidate your insurance as well as pose some risks of prosecution, as the vehicle would not have been in a fit state for road use.

As for tyre sizes, most tyre makers will have a recommended minimum and maximum rim width for a given tyre size. It is usually on their website. 235/85's are recommended for a 6 - 7.5" rim. Meaning a standard Series 5.5" rim is not ideal. However the tyre will physically fit and the manufacturer recommendation is not a law.

7.50 tyres are slightly narrower than a 235/85 and are normally recommended for a 5.5 - 7" rim.


Example of the rims (tubeless - tubed):


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Many thanks for confirming my thoughts but I wasn't sure. In your pic (right) it would seem one can still get tubeless rims (looks recent). Appreciate your prompt reply as I have got to get some off ebay.

Only using 235/85x16 as that's what was on there - presumably as no overdrive gives a little more leg. Currently got a set of 205/75x16 fitted and engine revs a bit high at about 40-45mph.

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The pictures from Chicken Drumstick tell the story. I managed to pick up some tubeless standard LR wheels from Eblag earlier in the year. They are stamped "TUBELESS" on the rim inside and outside and are 5.5" wide. The date stamps show 2009, so are Defender era, but they are going on my Series 3 with 7.50 tyres.

There are plenty on the interweb, but you really need to check for the TUBELESS stamping. The bead lock groove is visible from the outside of the wheel with the tyre fitted - and should be visible in a decent pic online.

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Another thing is the riveted centre plate is only on early tubed type wheels . All tubeless rims are welded on the inner face and in standard pattern 5.5" wide . The riveted rims can be 4.5" / 5" / 5.5" & 6.5" .

What usually destroys tubes in tubeless tyres are the sticky labels on the inside of the tyre . Removal of these and cleaning off the adhesive is a good idea .


Steve b

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1 hour ago, simonb said:


There are plenty on the interweb, but you really need to check for the TUBELESS stamping. The bead lock groove is visible from the outside of the wheel with the tyre fitted ....

Many thanks - couldn't think what you meant at first until I went to have a look at a tubeless rim for my kit car (forgotten I had hidden it up on a shelf in the shed). One can see the bead groove is there from both the outside and inside of the rim. Took a pic but can't insert the image it asks for a URL. Couldn't see any stamping 'tubeless' on the rim.

As far as putting a tyre on presumably for tubeless one needs to have an airline to get enough air in there to force the tyre over the bead groove? So as I am intending to fit myself I presume I have to stay with the tubed rim and get the tubes.

I remember someone saying that if fitting tubes one should buy tyres (for inner tubes) that have smooth internal walls - I have never seen such things. Were the 7.50 x 16 tyres smooth on the inside?

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