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Replacement battery for 24v wolf?


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Afternoon, the friend is looking for a replacement battery as one of his 12v ones is goosed. Where do you guys get your replacements from? 

It’s a 1997 110 300tdi by the way 

Thanks 👍

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Very top level stuff here: https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/experience/2014/04/can-i-connect-dissimilar-batteries-parallel

Essentially it can lead to under or overcharging of batteries, which is good for neither, and you can end up killing your old, or new battery in shorter order than you should, or even possibly increasing load on alternator and wearing that out sooner.


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I have replaced both batteries when I bought the Wolf Ambulance,  and it started merrily for a while. But recently, it will not start once the engine is hot. 
It typically happens at a filling station for example. After filling up the engine will not turn over, just completely still, apart from one click. Waiting for half an hour will sort it out most of the time, as in-it will start immediately and normally. 
This has been happening intermittently from the day I bought it in 2016. 
Here is what I tried:
New batteries (My wolf has two 12V in series) I think it made it slightly better, but it still kept happening.
Freshed up all the earth connections and renewed earth cables. ( Made no recognisable difference)
Installed a new starter motor, that sorted it out completely! (Cost me an arm and leg though)
I had it in winter storage in a barn, where the solar panel did not charge it. 
Batteries were dead flat when I wanted to take it out of storage.
Used the NATO-socket to jump start it with a booster. Since then the problem has returned.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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On 10/18/2019 at 1:54 AM, DC_ said:

Ok, what’s the reason for in pairs if one battery is good? 

Yes replace in pairs - you old battery may be OK but it will be worse than the new battery and the old battery will be constantly taking power from the new battery to top it up and it will ultimately die - might take a while but will die - replace batteries together and use the old battery somewhere else.

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