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Defender front coil spring seats

JP 90

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I thought I was already a member of this forum but computer says no. So, thank you for letting me join.


i have a 1993 200tdi Defender 90.


i have just started refitting my new galv chassis, replacing worn out bits as I go. I’ve already hit a hitch whilst re attaching the front axle. Both radius arms are fitted, I’m reusing the coil springs as they’re in good condition. However, they don’t appear to seat onto the lower seats properly, it’s almost as if the axle needs to turn a few degrees. Ratcheting the chassis to the axle seats them better but the springs then appear arched. What am I doing wrong?



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But something is amiss because I cannot even pass the shock through the lower mounting plate enough to get the nut on. No thread visible. It seems to be because of the angle the chassis is at compared to the axle spring seat. I’ve tried it with and without turret fitted. I’ve tried ratcheting the chassis front down to the axle but I cannot ratchet it down enough and in any event, it just makes the springs arc under load. Not really sure what to do to be honest.

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I don’t think they're broken, perhaps just not a very neat trim at the end.

They look aftermarket, which generally means they’re quite stiff as for some reason people like to put hard springs on Land Rovers. This means that the issue you are experiencing will be more pronounced than with normal springs.

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Ok, just to clarify. They’re not broken and they’re standard springs.

As others have said, it’s no doubt a load issue. I added some spring compressors and then ratcheted down the chassis to the axle and hey presto! They seat fine. I have just ordered a heavier duty ratchet strap though.

should I leave the bottom damper nut till last? Once the engine etc is back in? I cannot seem to get enough thread through to attach a nut once all the washers and bushes are on. Thanks 

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