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Tank size

portal pete

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I have always though 10 gallons is a good starting point as that is 100lbs in fuel weight.

When we had our little jaunt to Wiltshire last week for some map reading a'la GB Mud, I filled up at Mere, drove to Stonehenge, completed most of the route, drove back to Mere, onto Shepton Mallet, back to Honiton, to and fro to work for three days and then filled up tonight as I haven't got enough to get to Bristol tomorrow. So motorway/dual cway/back roads/A road/off road - 322miles and used a snadge over 10 gallons. I know this is nothing to do with the thread but I don't care.

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Pete , just a thought but make a nice large inner reserve pick up pot for those precarious angles you may have to encounter .

I have to modify my tank after a challenge today , with about half a tank on the gauge and leaning about 60degrees side ways held by the winch of course , I suffered lack of power and airlocks in the fuel , very frustating .

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