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4.0L THOR. What is required to make it run!!!


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Hi all 

I am looking into buying a 4.0l thor out of a disk 2. My question is what is required to make it run. Obviously it is going to need the engine loom& ECU, AFM,LAMBDA SENSORS ECT. Is there anything else like alarm, ignition coding? Does anyone have a wire diagram they could post. Cheers 

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The wire diagrams are in RAVE, that's the easy part.

But both the Disco 2 and P38 Thot use an immobiliser. The BCU or BECM has to provide the correct signal to get the engine ECU to start working. There are kits to bypass the security, but might be cheaper to just fit a MegaSquirt, especially if you don't have an ECU, loom and all sensors to go with the engine.

Also worth noting the Bosch injectors operate at higher pressure (3.5 bar) compared to older LR EFI systems (2.5 bar).


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You basically have two options. 

Aftermarket ignition and fuelling, Megasquirt, Link, Emerald, Spitronics, etc.


Tornado Systems (Mark Adams, Rover ECU Guru) offer the Bosch ECU modified to work standalone, and offer various maps for it.

None of which is cheap. Relatively. 

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14 hours ago, OCTOBOX said:

What about the non thor 4.0L engine the one with the traditional trumpet housing. Was this one as complicated or did it use the same tack as the earlier 3.9s?

The basic lump etc. is the same, it's only a different intake, injectors, returnless fuel rail, coolant temperature sensor and details like that. Megasquirt will happily run either of them ;)

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