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Lumberjack Drill Press


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You might do better having a look on ebay. I found an old Craftsman with 12 speeds for a fraction of the cost. I cleaned it up and I've had no problems since.

I know in these current times it is trickier and buying a brand new one that is delivered is a lot easier, but it's worth a look!


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I bought a jet (sold by axminster) and have a clarke at work. They're all much of a muchness unless you want to spend big, I don't consider them a precision tool. Things I would look at are RPM they can do. A lot don't go slow enough for anything over 1/2" holes in steel and you just end up knackering drills. The other thing I think you need is a rigid table. Look for how long the bit is that clamps the support pillar and how easy it is to set level. Depending what accuracy you need a set square against a bit of rod in the chuck is usually good enough but it's frustrating if they twist out of true when you tighten the nut. 

Old ones tend to be a little more solid but can often be knackered so it depends if you want to spend the time trying to strip it. A good vice makes a difference too.

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I have one of those Clarle ones in my 2nd workshop at folks place, its not great not well balanced / concentric, the drill wobbles. Ok for rough stuff, but not precision.

I'd either look out for a 2nd hand old / well made one, or buy a Bosch, which i have int the main workshop and has been flawless for 10 years.Link

For a tad more money, it has 2 speed gearbox, variable motor and display with depth measurement.

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