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Electric car and towing

Cornish Rattler

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On 8/28/2020 at 12:41 AM, deep said:

Depressing as the topic is, it's refreshing to see some people (even on a Land Rover forum!) have big enough vision to see what's really going on.  The logical extrapolation of what has happened over the last few centuries is that, one day, the only thing left for rich people to eat will be poor people.  While that sounds ridiculous, it is inevitable that anything that stops the rampaging effects of of increasing human populations (and their increasing levels of indulgence) will be very painful at best.  Wars, famines and natural disasters are swallowed up with barely a bump in growth or activity.  Even the dreaded CoViD19 pandemic is thought to have reduced the death rate here by around 1,200 this past Winter, as lockdown protected vulnerable folk from the flu and respiratory infections.

I almost sneer at the panic around global warming - as big an issue as it is, it's like fixing a broken hinge on the barn door a year after the horse bolted.  Deforestation, desertification, mass extinctions, soil salination etc. etc. don't need mathematical models for us to see the effects.  And still we claim our rights to have as many children as we like, to have as big a house as we like, to commute as far as we like, to indulge as much as we like and live in horror that anybody should actually die.  Even though it all comes with a nightmare burden of rules and regulations, increasing numbers of broken families, increasing levels of depression and suicide and no evidence of increased happiness, humanity has agreed to stick to its rights and not take responsibility (beyond a modest nod at climate change).

So, yup, I also pity your children and their children, Mike.  I never actually had children, because I have always been concerned about over-population.  I'm 59, less than six years from retirement, and grateful not to be growing up and entering the workforce today!

What a gloomy post!  Sorry.  I think it may explain my underlying objection to the new Defender.  The first half century of Land Rovers was about producing a functional tool (used for better or for worse) that would continue functioning for decades. The new one is entirely about indulging the wealthy, with a heavy dose of Big Brother directing that indulgence.  I don't like that at all.  Even though I am an indulgent hypocrite...

Quite a few Sci-fi “worlds” have recycling of bodies for food.  Judge Dredd was one of the earlier ones, which is quite dark for what is essentially a kids’ comic.  In “The Expanse”, the dead on the Belter colonies are recycled to grow mushrooms, which are the core food source...

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Yes the world has problems of our own making. It usually does but that’s not to say People can’t find some happiness or strive to make it a better place.

So I think what we are saying is have a diesel generator in the caravan ? 

Or start Airbnb for 4.6 l range rovers for people with electric cars to use on holiday ?

or have the train tow it like it says in Bill Gates book ?

I’ve maybe lost the thread a little......

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On 8/30/2020 at 12:51 PM, FridgeFreezer said:

Looks like a good read! 🙂

Just to be clear, as far as I'm concerned the world maybe be heading towards destruction, but I don't let that intervene with trying to bring happiness to myself and those close to me and enjoying our time on this rock orbiting a star. 😉 And to stay on topic, towing with an electric car doesn't really fit into that.


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