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Historic and V5C


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My Lightweight is registered as an X suffix - 1981/82. But the V5c says date of first registration as 06.07.2001. That is when the previous owner (who bought from MoD disposal) registered the vehicle.

In order to obtain historic status I have to get DVSA to recognise that the date of manufacture is circa 1981/82. And I have ordered a British Motor Heritage certificate to prove that date - still waiting for it at the moment.

DVSA delays to get paperwork done is horrific at the moment. Ive waited over three months for them to change the fuel type from petrol to diesel; just got the amended V5 back today. And Im concerned that if I send off the BMG certificate when it arrives having paid £35 odd to obtain it that the chances of DVSA returning it to me are slim. Mind you, if I were to lose the BMH certificate at £35 but save the RFL and MoT cost I suppose I am still saving money. Bizarre but pragmatic..

Anyway, here's my question, has anyone tried to get the registration date changed at a Post Office using the BMH certificate and a V112 form to prove the date of build or does it have to go to DVSA? In which case with the delays there and the time it will take them to actually change the date and the status it should be classified as antique not historic...

As ever, thank you for your kind assistance

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I'm not going to answer your question, because there is a better person around who handles these sort of situations for Members of the Series 2 Club, membership will cost £21.00. (vro@series2club.co.uk).
I appreciate you are not talking about a Series 2, but the experience with the DVSA has been hard won and is invaluable.
For instance, you may well find your Gaydon certificate is only suitable for wall decoration in the smallest room in your house, or your man cave, whichever you feel is most appropriate (after the event).

The general advice is 'don't try this yourself'.
One false move will not just burn your fingers, but burn your chance of achieving what you want.


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My series 3 is 1975 manufactured but ex military and demobbed in 1982, so was X plated. When in the 1990s I got an age related plate, I got the BHM certificate and was able to post this to my local Vehicle Licensing Office (Portsmouth) and they did the paperwork change and issued a new age related plate and returned the certificate. From what I remember they then sent the old V5 to Swansea with the new reg details. A few weeks later, Swansea issued a new V5.

I believe the majority of local offices have now closed, so you may have no choice to deal with Swansea direct. The PO won't do this for you.

The PO will however be able to change the taxation class to Historic to qualify for free road tax. I did this at my local village PO about 6 years ago. Again can't remember the exact details, but the V5 now says Historic as well, so I think the PO changing the taxation class, triggers a new V5 to be issued.




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You have both supported the contention that I tried to put across, that what worked 30 or 7 years ago is unlikely to apply 'now'.
The S2C Vehicle Registration Officer (VRO) is involved 'now', building experience and contacts that give the best chance of success.

Manage expectations, 'best chance of success' does NOT mean 'guaranteed success'.


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