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OT cleaning car air conditioning


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I posted this as OT as it isn't Land Rover specific but just a general car question.

The air-conditioning in my wife's car has started to smell a bit. I've seen aerosol cans in Halfords of air conditioning cleaners that are supposed to kill any bacteria and freshen up the AC. You start the engine, put the AC on full blast on recirculate setting then set off the aerosol in the car. 

Anyone tried them and get good results? 

The air conditioning is run all the time all year round and the cabin/pollen filter is changed regularly. 

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I needed to change the pollen filter on our car but couldn't see where it was or how to do it. Once I found the details, I decided to post a little "How To Do" video on YouTube.

It was intended to be just a little education exercise for me, which it was but it has proved to be quite popular. I get between 1,000 and 2,000 views each month and in total about 250,000 since I posted it a few years ago.

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I find the pollen filter tends to get damp at this time of year as well, and this will make it smell a bit.

You know like your vacuum cleaner does, if you dont change the bag every time (which we dont) and the dog stinks 😄

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I serviced the car, renewed the pollen filter (old one wasn't that bad), checked the A/C drain and it was fine. 

I set off one of those purifier aerosol and so far I have to say it has done wonders. Be interesting to see how it is in a few weeks. 

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