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Painting canvas to change colour

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Just picked up a complete soft top and the canvas is a faded olive green.

Anyone know of any products that would both waterproof and also change the colour to black ?

Im not able to get a proper black canvas one at the moment as having to shell out on the Disco and get the rear floor parts (a bit more that a decent black canvas with side windows) but if I could get a decent colour (my 90 is orange) I could use the existing ex mil canvas.

Any thoughts...

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Nato paint. I used some on my lightweight years ago whilst awaiting a new roof, as it leaked like a sieve, and it waterproofed it brilliantly and looked ok.

Anchor supplies IIRC.

I agree about the less than perfect look, green ex-Mod good condition canvas soft tops seem to be fetching around £70.00 on eblag, a new one is £200+VAT, so thats a bit of a difference.

I will try the paint for now and then next year get a proper black one from new (unless I see one elswere which is an unlikely occurence).

Also remember painting MoD ones with Nato paint and they worked OK, but in those days looks were not primary. Trick will be to get the paint on evenly.

Ill send some pictures when its done, if I take them from far enough away, and when its a mid muddy and even a bit dark, it might look half decent !

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Never tried it - but a mate once suggested getting some of the dye you use on clothes (you know the ones you used as a kid for tie dying).

Brush it in, allow it to dry then waterproof as normal.... (it was suggested after about 6 pints - so gawd knows if he was guessing or had actually done it) :blink:

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Got to be worth a try, look for something you might have tried to dye your levis with.

Don't paint it on though. Just use an empty bottle that came with kitchen surface cleaner or whatever in it and a squeezy nozzle spray top. Never tried to paint my rag tops but found these great for spraying Thompsons on them :D

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