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Towbar brace alignment

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I am trying to refit a towbar to my 90. Clearly the aftermarket tank brackets that I bought and welded on to the chassis are slightly the wrong shape, as the towbar braces do not properly line up.

With a bit of manipulation with a hammer I can get it to this point:


It will then pull closed with the bolt (an M12) but to do so it effectively twists the brace and puts a lot of strain on the bracket and bolt at the tank end. This is also an M12, into a tapped boss which is welded into the bracket. How happy would you be with this?


Ideally I need to put a small twist into the brace, but it’s a bloody thick bit of steel and I don’t have the kit for that so would need to farm it out.

It seems I will also need to notch the tank guard to fit the cross-brace piece - more fun!

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I’ve got a very similar situation.

I put a NAS step on my 90 - and when I test fitted it, it all looked ok.

When I came to fit it though the bars weren’t painted - so I left them off to start with….. and now when I’ve come to fit them I’ve noticed they would need the same twist and also the holes elongating. Looking from the side the NAS step actually sits out a bit at the bottom. It’s not vertical.

I was pondering wether to have a twist put in the brace - but as a first step I thought I’d loosen it all off and see if I can get all the bolts in and then tighten it up and just see how much tension went into it. 

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It looks like this maybe is a pre td5 towbar going on a post td5 rear end. If so, re the m12 threaded boss  there are some supports also to the tiedown tags bolts on the official towbar. I'd post a pic, but I don't have a vehicle at the moment.

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Sorry I should have been clearer, there is no clash with the tank guard yet. It’s only the triangulation piece that may need that later.

Its a Td5 towbar onto a Td5/Tdci chassis - only difference is I welded the tank mounts on myself.

I have been daft though and forgotten some extra brackets. These overlap the tank mount where the braces attach, and also pick up on the chassis above. After test fitting, I think that actually with these in place there won’t be any issue - they space the brace out slightly and massively reinforce the tank mount, so I’m not so concerned about the twist in the brace.


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