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Wiring diagram for replacement electric towing socket

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I've damaged the 13 pin electric trailer socket on my 2022 Defender and need to replace it. I purchased a new socket but none of the online wiring diagrams match the colours of the Defender wires so i can wire it back in to the new socket.

Has anyone got the correct wiring diagram please, or has LR made this difficult on purpose.

Kind Regards

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'Damaged' was a slight understatement then :D

I doubt very much the wiring diagrams are available yet, a glance at Towsure shows they recommend using the factory wiring kit from LR when wiring them in. Is it possible there is a small sub-loom that can be replaced by simply plug and play with a new socket attached?

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Get the MultiMeter out and have 15 min. to see what wire does what.

Solder the extensions (sleeve them) and make it waterproof somewhere inside the vehicle so you have no issues en route to the socket. Some people fill the socket once everything is teste with epoxy or the likes to water proof it. In the end, of the 13 pins, usually "only" 7-9 are used.


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Dear All, 

Thank you for your comments. I contacted LR and was told i needed to buy a new towbar assembly to get the new wiring kit i needed at a cost of £750 plus fitting. Criminal

Instead i bought a second hand wiring loom (plug and play) from a damaged Defender of Ebay at £50, a local garage fitted it and now good as new.

Thanks again for all your help.

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