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Purchasing 1st defender


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Hi all, I’m probably going to to get a wave of advise and end up going crossed eyed, I’m looking for my first defender at the age of 43 specifically a ex mod defender I am a novice but very practical as I have all ways had boats on the Norfolk broads which are always needing maintenance, I’m looking really for steering in the rite direction who to use to buy one from as I would be nervous buying private, apologies if I end up asking stupid questions 

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Hi and welcome to the forum

 Nothing wrong with buying private, although it would be better if you took someone with knowledge with you

As far as buying ex military goes, there will be firms that buy direct from the military or military auctions, alternatively go to the auctions and bid yourself, a bit of Google work should help you find out military dealers and auctions not a lot of help I know but it's the limit of my experience with regards to buying off the above...

Regards Stephen

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if you look for a ex-mod landrover , i wouldn't step away from the private owner .

most of the people i've came acros with a military landrover are really pickey on there vehicle , most are trying very hard to get it back to original spec , and spend some serious cash on it .

have a look at https://www.milweb.net/classifieds.php?type=14

or become a member of the ex military landrover association https://www.emlra.org/


(my first 110 was a ex MOD helicopter support vehicle (in orignal condition))

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12 hours ago, FridgeFreezer said:

I'd ask why you want an old Defender, why you specifically want a military one, and if you've any experience with old cars / classics in general and know how to throw a spanner?

😁 Good point but you forgot to add what distance can you throw a spanner.

@Keebz if you have that sort of money then say £15k for the vehicle and you will have a spare fund for tyres etc...

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