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Heater plugs?


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This will be an 'upgrade' kit to replace the original '4 plugs connected in series' (each plug rated at 1.7 volts, with additional voltage being absorbed by a separate resistor), with four plugs connected in parallel (each plug rated at 11 volts).
The upgrade being that with 4 plugs connected in series, if one plug fails they all stop working, meaning, in the UK the engine will not start from cold.
With parallel connected plugs, if one fails the engine 'may' start on three plugs, dependant on the air temperature and general state of health of the engine.

The difficulty in doing this is that the plug thread is different between the two styles of plug, which means the market for 12 volt plugs in a Series engine is very small. There are, or were, reputable plug makers who would supply this niche market, but Britpart being Britpart they seem to have gone to a no-name supplier.

I do not have suppliers and pert numbers readily to hand.



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I have used this kit.  I would suggest to be careful tightening the wire nut on the end.  It will break off if over tightened.  It's not the greatest quality but they work.  

Later glow plugs do not fit the early series diesels.  so we're kind of stuck with the BritPart version of parallel glow plugs.

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