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Well I finally started

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Well having more or less finished sorting out the workshop (new floor and a set of doors to keep the wind out) I have made a start on bobbing the old disco.

Here she is before the start


And this is what I am aiming for (more or less)


this is where I was at after a couple of hours.


Have now finished stripping out the rear and will remove the outer panels when I get some time. Found lots of rust in the floor and side panels but since they are coming out its not a problem!

So if anyone has any hints or tips please feel free to share them with me...... I am on a sharp learning curve here

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No real advice on bobtailing, as I only took mine apart - it never went back together :rolleyes: . But dont worry too much about butchering the wiring - we took my disco apart with the gas-axe, completely removing the rear body from the front seats back and down to the chassis, and it still drove afterwards - whereas if you did that to a range rover you would have to spend hours with the multimeter before you could get it to fire again

Lewis :)

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If you're unsure of how much to cut off, go for more rather than less! You wont regret it. I took 15" out of the RR and still catch the bumper occasionally.

Cut the chassis rails off at the penultimate cross member and use box section to rebuld the chasis to the bob'd length. I made the mistake of stitching together the curved section on the RR which is fine, but straight box section would have been better.

Think long and hard about fuel tanks, rear winches etc before you make your decision.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all the support everyone. Spent another coulpe of hours removing panels and floor this evening. Revealed far more rust then is helthy (Note seatbelt mounting points (GULP). Not too worried as that area will be completely rebuilt anyway. Get it ouside tomorrow for a good pressure wash prior to marking out and cutting. Photos of progress as promised


Rust on inner wing was pretty extensive!


Floor out.... again tin worm was extensive (despite early repairs!)


All outer panels removed. Now the serious business starts!

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