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Grease Guns...


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so far I don't seem to be able to get a single grease gun to actually work consistently with my LR.

so can anyone recommend a decent brand that will not break/go wrong or just not pump the grease out.

Also the connection bit, I can not seem to get one that stays on properly either, - would like a flex end rather than fixed pipe.

any ideas?

Have done the drapper one twice now and am fed up of them now.

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Grease guns are just another tool...

you get what you pay for, buy Britool, Teng or Snap-on spanners, and you'll never buy another set...

...buy carp spanners from markets and they will break...

same with grease guns... spend the money and they'll last forever..

I've got an ancient grease gun, branded Ford, it must have been given away with trucks in the 60's.. it works really well...

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