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Totally OT- but quite pretty


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Decided to take a week off last week and take a triup to the lakes.

Mate 2 sill decisions- one was to walk up helvellyn- for some reason this seemed like a good idea- after all i did when i was 18 without breaking sweat- of course i was playing professional rugby then, and now i'm a chubby person I'm not that keen on! it took bloody ages but we got there

second stupid decision was deciding to take a nice lakeside walk- i have never been so close to hypothermia in my life- it was 2 degrees with significant winsd chill on top- sideways rain- then sleet, then full on snow! There were no shortcuts, roads or anything else. missus got VERY cold so i gave here my base layer and my trousers (i had shorts on underneath) I didn't take any piccies because my hands were too cold to open the pack! it would have been a truly ingomious end to do striding edge one day and then die the next day on a lakeside walk. It was the first time in a very very long time that i have actually been properly scared! thank hell for Thermos flasks and Kendal Mint cake!

Anyway some piccies from Helvellyn- in no particular order (and i hope i have all the names right)

The Chimney


Barney meets a frienf on Striding edge- NOT the best place for a game of chase though considering some of the drops


back along striding edge


Another of striding edge


skiddaw in the distance


Homes down there somewhere- thank god!


high street- Some other day perhaps


Down to Catastycam on the way home


Go ON barney get on with it!


If anyone is planning a trip up there i can thouroughly and totally recommend this beautiful and luxurious cottage: http://www.lakelandstonecottage.co.uk/cottage.htm

Umm can't really find any off roading at all- apart from a road i went down from Eskdale to Langdale on a sinlge track road which included 3 of the highest and steepest navigable passes in England- well worth the trip as lon as you don't get stuck in snow!

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Well in Jim, looks like you had fun.

now you have just proved you dont need your new vehicle for getting about, can i have it?

How can you feel the cold with all that....... well protection?

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Looks like you had a nice day on Helvellyn.

And at least there are no pics of you in yer shorts :ph34r:

umm actually i do have a couple somewhere- you can walk anywhere in trousers!

i was a little surprised to find that i was cold- it just shows just how cold it really was- considering i quite often skiied in shorts when it was snowing, i was quite caught out!

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Amazing pictures Jim, which days were you up there? I did Skafell Pike last saturday and one of the Langdale Pikes on sunday with a group from Uni. Took the minibus up over the Wrynose and Hardnott passes which I guess is the same one you mentioned - amazing road and even more fun in a bus, especially the sharp corners where it cross-axles itself and lurches its way round :D

The weather wasn't nearly as good at the weekend, didn't rain on sat but was cloudy all day - not too cold though, we spent about 45mins having a snowball fight on the way back from Skafell. Poured down sunday lunchtime and the fog meant we couldn't find the path we wanted back down so we backtracked on the GPS to get down.

Alternator failed on one of the buses on the way back so had to get recovered near Liverpool, then the propshaft started breaking up on the recovery truck so we had to get another one sent out to us at Bristol. Took 13 hours to get home, finally in bed at 4:45 monday morning! Fun way to spend the weekend though!


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I have never been to the Lakes looks like a good time to go.

I do enjoy a bit of adverse weather, I know what you mean by getting scared though. I had a 3 1/2 hour walk off the Briethorn a few years ago in complete white-out conditions, easily the most scared I have ever been.

Will :)

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Excellent shots.....

Nice and clear, fantastic views....

Last time I was on striding edge we nearly got blown off.... Very frightening !

We had planned to be up there a few weeks ago with Land Rovers and cameras but plans changed.... Looking forward to re-arranging the trip though.....

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