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Winch for front of Suzuki Vitara


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Hi all,

Just wondering what type & what size of winch you would suggest for a light weight Vitara about 1500kg? I have a winch bumper on at the moment as below



Been out on a DRD "Thanks JST for featuring my truck on your DRD on your site" only need to be pulled by TJ101 a couple of times so I need some means to pull myself out of strife also looking to do the odd punch challenge. I am just starting out so as always don't want to go over the top!

So have you any ideas on makes & sizes of winches you would recommend

I did put something on difflock but only had one reply "winch size 9000lb is ideal but speed is more important the challenge boys who are still using electric winches usually run warn 8274's " that what I have looked into seems a bit big for my little truck.


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The champion 9000 seems to be fairing well from people i have spoken to, offering good VFM, its a little heavier than some but gives decent line pull and reliability. You can prob use a lesser rated winch on the Vit but in the end you never know how deep you will be or who else you have to pull out!

i once sunk my vit so bad it took an 8274 and a ramsay 9000lb winch both double lined to get me out and i only came slowly!

oops dam willy davenport left tracks into the hole and out the other side! :lol:

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EP 9 is a good winch. Mine got used for the first time this weekend an it was quite happy hauling my lardy arse (2 wheel drive) Range Rover around Seven Sisters!!!

Used in anger, and as a recovery aid for a Disco and a 90 - didn't bat an eyelid!

Another small winch to consider would be the M8000 from Warn. A bit lower capacity, but you've only got a Vitara - not a Landy!!



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Why not buy a Land Rover instead, then loads of different winchesa will fit :)


Did think of it but advised to stick with this to learn the basics & see where I go from there,

Mo, my Suzuki is Victors old truck, I did have the chance of buying the LR V8 that Victor's Still got on his driveway! I wonder if it will get to seven sisters this year????? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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IIRC you can cut that box away but i would fit something in place, but just fit it further back. have a look on www.scottishoffroadclub.co.uk forum and put up a post for "dieselvit" he has same winch bumper i think. Rab should be able to help out there

as for buying Land Rover instead then you would have to get a winch as your gonna be stuck even more regularly :P

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Talking about 'not much space'....



got filled with this:


and left this for a profile and approach angle!


Anything can be fitted anywhere if you ask the right questions in the right place!! There is normally someone who has done the same modification before!!

Keep going.......it'll be worth it!

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