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axles/halfshafts interchangability ?


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Looking for rover coilsprung discbraked axles to convert to my leaf sprung series 2a.

I have a 24 spline detroit locker in the rear 3.54 diff,so want a rear axle with 24 spline half shafts.

A freind has a pair of old rangerover classic axles lying around,could I fit 24 spline shafts in that rear casing?

The easy thing to do would be to buy a air of 24 spline disc brake axles complete,but they seam to go for big money.

At what point did land rover start using 24 spline shafts,and on which vehicles ? - so I know what to look out for on ebay/at sodbury/in classified adds.

I assume all rover axles upto disco 3 are much the same except for spline number (Track width,strength,etc.),but hopefully someone here will correct me.

Any sugestions for which axles would be best if money were no object ? - don't want salisburys.

Thanks, Jerry.

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from what i remember you would need any disco 300tdi axle's 200's are 10 spline and 24spline shafts dont fit a 10 spline axle (so i've been told)

as far as i know there all the same width later 10 and 24 rear axle have both shocks pointing forward, on the later front axle the amount of bolts that hold the swivels on is increased to 7 from 6 (atleast you could tell if your mate has a later pair)


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The easy thing to do would be to buy a air of 24 spline disc brake axles complete,but they seam to go for big money.

Not true.....I was looking at a 24 spline conversion for my RRC and found a few on ebay that weren't too bad! It turns out that it would have been cheaper to do that than collect all the spares for the current 10 spline axles!!! :rolleyes: Ho-hum, we live and learn!!

I think there was a set on the bay that went for just over £160, but it depends on where they are if it's worth while or not!!

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Thanks for replies,let me put the question more simply-

Can I fit 24 spline half shafts in a range rover 200tdi rear axle?

Do I need rr shafts,or will defender/disco ones fit also?

Thanks, Jerry.

the answer depends on the VIN number of the vehicle,

the rear drive flanges will be what I call either 'Thin' or 'Thick' :


if thin they are already 24 spline so I guess they look like the Thick option,

if so you cannot fit the Thin flange 24 spline type as they will not fit over the hub nuts,

the only way I can think of doing it is to fit our HD old type rear halfshafts and our 5806M drive flanges,

hope this helps,

Dave Ashcroft

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WARNING - the half shaft on the right can also come as 10 spline. I have some in my rear axle.

The only way to check is to pull one out.

Yes, You are right! I had the 10 spline thin rear halfshafts on my Disco'93

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