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Air Tool arrangements

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OK, I've boxed myself into a corner here, you might as well all have an opportunity to display your wisdom :-))

I've bought the Draper / Machine Mart speed saw, and an inline oiler, and One Litre of oil.

If I analyse the oiler correctly, the fill hole is about 3 mm in diameter, so what do other folks use to transfer Airline Oil from the one litre bottle through the 3mm hole?

If anyone is inclined to say they use 3 in 1, and the nozzle on the standard small tin works fine, they should expect their (sensitive areas) to start hurting, just as soon as I've finished the plasticine model, and stuck several pins in the appropriate place!!

That was the simple starter, now onto more serious matters.

I recall, vaguely, that some compressed air hand tools should NOT have the Quick Release connector screwed directly into the tool, but should have a short length of hose attached, then the QR connector. I think (vague recall) that this was to isolate the QR from any vibration manating from the tool, but there may have been other reasons as well.

Yes? No? What other reasons might there be?

If Yes, is there a recommended minimum length for this permanently connected hose?

Getting personal, I now have several air hand tools.

An assortment of spray lances for cleaning and undersealing purposes.

A 3/8" right angle ratchet, which I've never used.

An air chisel, used very occasionally.

The new speed saw.

If short isolation hoses are required, is that for everything, or just 'some' of them? If so, which?


PS - I think this is my first New Topic posting on this Forum. If it isn't, I can't recall the last one!!

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I find the little inline oiler a pain in the backside, it also drinks oil like no tomorrow so i just shove a few drops up the tools airline connector before use as that should do the trick nicely :)

As for not using QR fittings on tools.....oops, didint know that but if its true i shall ignore it, what a pain to have half a douzen short hozes made up with screw fit one end and QR on the other, never mind cost!

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A few drips down the intake is fine, as long as you do it often. The oilers get in the way.

The small length of hose prevents fatigue on the hose, PCL connector and the tool as you move it whilst using it.

You also get better clearance, as a PCL adds a few inches to the tool, where as going straight to hose only adds flexible hose.

You can also get ball-swiveled male PCL connectors, which kind of do the same thing.

I've got a couple of feet of hose on some of my tools, like my air ratchet (which is long already), the rattle gun, and the air nibbler (swivel connector makes it much easier to manouvre)

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PS - I think this is my first New Topic posting on this Forum. If it isn't, I can't recall the last one!!

The memory is obviously going with age David, as you have started 5 topics! ;) ;)

How's the P38 going? Did you ever fit those side bars?



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Some of our gear such as needle gun de scalers have hose tails on, others including the impact spanner just have the fitting screwed directly in to the tool.

Never given it much thought why.

We do use whip checks on the lines in case of the hose connection failing, and these are easier to use when there is a tail for the connection.

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<tuppence worth>

IMHO whip/tails are recommended for three good reasons:

1. If you damage/sever the pipe near the tool (the most likely place?) you have a connector that you can grab and separate within reach.

2. When disconnecting a tool I think that it's less likely to get dropped it if it has a tail.

3. After disconnecting a tool, if you drop it and it (a couple of kgs of rattler gun) lands on the PCL connector, it is far more likely to damage the tool than if there is a tail on it.

</tuppence worth>



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