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X-Eng Challenge Sat 16 Jun 07

Just to get the date in the diary for the next X-Eng Challenge, mainly so that anyone traveling can get the accommodation sorted out after it seems travel lodge etc works out significantly cheaper if booking this far ahead.

Is will be a similar format to the std 4x4adventures challenge, 40 punches, single vehicle teams, 1 day event, £45 per vehicle.

Entry list so far:

1. Angela Royston

2. Mike Cuff

3. Shaun Houghton

4. Jase Farr

5. Defcol

6. Simon Elvins

7. Paul Wightman

8. Richard Wheeler

9. Paul Hooper/Andy Smith

10. Bob and Dawn

11. Bert and Dan

12. Paul Radford + George

14. John Piper/Lee Watson

15. Nick Watts

16. Tony Cordell

17. Martin Stainer

18. Martin Stainer2

19. Martin Stainer3

20, Dave & Hilary

21. Dave & Hilary +1

22. Keith Knight

Unfortunately Jim wont be able to do lunch this time around so you will need to bring your own food!


1. Chris H

2. GBMud

3. Matt Neal

4. Victor

Will be using Culmhead triangle and the Quarry, so Ians bog wont feature this time around!

Please register interest here or by email (info4x4adventures.co.uk) by the 21 May in order that entry forms can be email out. Please note that prepay pre entry only by 2 Jun 07.

Rules and regs are here 4x4 Adventures Rules and Regs

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I take it you mean Dave. He got it all sorted. His trialler is now logbooked and legal. Tagged for CCv and comp safari. He now has another 2 90's. I think 1 will go but the other is already cut down for a trayback. He will never have enough toys.

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Traybacks Phu!! who`ld want one of those ?

Righto James you can provisionaly put my name down for this one , I will confirm when Ive checked my SHMBO diary .

BTW. Unfortunatly Simon Elvins wont be able to do the OEC challenge on the 5th of May , He sends his appoligies . Hes of to see some bloke from Padstow called Rick Stein .

I will get his name down for this one once I have confirmed it with him .

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Re Webbles vehicles

pity most of them never see light of day :)


When he finished the build his idea was to keep it clean, ready for when it got inspected for the logbook so the inspecter had a clean truck to look over. A good idea I think. It only got it's ticket last week. So not much time to get it out and about. No fun driving a truck with no windscreen unless you are hungry for flys'.

I'm sure he'll be up to me soon for a jaunt out on the plain :D :D . Perhaps you could come up for it ;)

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Count me in. Not sure which truck I'll be entering yet. Depends on how the build goes in the next couple of weeks.

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Guest weeble
sorry yep missed the name out - oops

another tray back, all too common now arent they.......

If you had seen the state of the rear body on the doner vehicle James I think you would have removed it to!!. :rolleyes:

Just to put the record straight, it will be a tray back of some description but not a really seriously competative one. Just being built to have a bit of fun in and compete in a few challanges. Watch this space ;);)

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