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Best place to get a deep cycle battery from?


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I had a leisure battery fitted as a second batt in my 110, it was a bosch 75ah one that i used for low drain things like int lights, cb, stereo etc. its now died and i need to replace it, however I have just fitted a husky so i need to upgrade it to, i have an x-charge fitted.

Question is.... what battery to fit? i have searched to forum but the general consensus seems to be either fit another 'main' battery and run in parallel, or get a specific (read expensive) winch battery like a optima yellow top? Not to keen on parallel batts as i like to keep the things i use when camping separate from the main batt. I do have a cut off switch that i use to join batts in parallel in emergency tho...

Cost is a fairly big issue as i'm also funding me motorbike lessons! i have a costco card so bosch silver tops are very cheap :)

Over to you guys



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A normal leisure battery will not be designed for the high current draw of the winch, you will need either a "normal" starting/running type battery or a sexercisey deep cycle one.

I do wonder how worthwhile the deep-cycle ones are though - most things (stereo, CB to name some from your list) won't like working on a flat battery and as the voltage drops the winch motor generates exponentially more heat, better IMHO to just fit a boring non-bling battery and save a few £££. I just bought the biggest thing that will fit under the seat for the 109, got a Vartra something or other, it cost a lot less than an Optima and has about 30% more capacity :D but of course it's not extreme :rolleyes:

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I have Odyssey fitted. A 2250 (126ah) (1225CCA) for starting and winching backed up by a 2150 (100ah)

(1090CCA) for leisure use. They can be linked using a 300A VSR (voltage sensitive relay) allowing 300 DC amp continuous, 400 DC amp itermittent and 1250 DC amp cranking for 15 seconds.

Loads of grunt and reserves when required.


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Proper deep cycle batteries like the Optima are seriously expensive for a reason.

A "normal" car battery can withstand approximately 3 deep cycles (full discharge) depending on quality. A deep cycle battery is around 150 deep cycles.

If you are going to run the second battery flat then a normal battery is no use (unless you take it back under warranty!), although if you limit the discharge to 50% then it will probably be fine.

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My point about deep cycles was that although the battery is built to take it, the rest of the vehicle isn't - nothing on your truck will be happy/useful with the battery flattened, running the winch down to half a volt just roasts the motor. Unless you're going for broke in a winch challenge IMHO it's not the way to do it - stop and let the battery/winch/wiring recover for a couple of minutes.

Or fit a hydro/pto winch :ph34r:

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