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Exhaust wizard - rear v8 custom exhuast

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Anyone know someone who can make custom exhuast systems for V8 90s near Waterlooville in Hants ??

Got 4.2 front pipes and 3.5 rear and they don't line up. Need something to bolt to the 4.2 pipes. The bore looks big !

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When putting 4.2 V8 and auto in my 90 I had an exhaust headache too, especially as I wanted to use the tubular headers I had in the shed. In the end I gave up trying to find bits to fit, or close enough to easily modify and got a custom stainless sysyem made my Longlife Exhausts. It wasn't cheap but saved me a whole heap of time and I was very pleased with the quality and service. The Bristol (Berkeley) branch done mine, I guess Basingstoke is your closest.





Oh and it sounds lovely :D Just listen to the opening on

video B)
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Jez used Longlife in b'stoke for Petal's exhaust and seems very pleased, I'd use them for the 109 but no money : so am bodging my own for now until I can re-mortgage my spleen.

Don't go to PMCC in Fareham, they're a right bunch of chavs and when I asked for a quote on the 109 they said £400 :blink: :blink: :blink:

If you need a quick & cheap solution then flexi is only £10/m :ph34r:

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That is a nice looking exhaust. Current idea is to talk to Rimmer Bros about their performance 90 system rear section and hope it will mate to the 4.2 Y pipe.

The Y pipe currently has the sensor thingys in and I don't want to mess about with those if I don't have to.

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Pete, I seem to remember fom my LSE days that the 4.2 front Y pipe is where they added the extra 8 inches, so mating it could be an issue (even assuming it exits in the same place and has the same boss as Rimmer headers ).

I came to the same conclusion as Mark90 in that you could spend a lot of time finding bits and fabricating something yourself - guess how I know! :rolleyes:

Another option is to just get a SS (or mild steel) mid-box made up that will connect your Y piece to the rest of your system.

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