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Loud Click??

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Hello all,First post after joining a couple of months ago (and reading and getting advice for a long time),i would appreciate some opinions on this problem.Every so often i hear a loud click from the rear axle area when driving .The best way to describe it is like a small stone hitting it hard(like from a catapult) and its definitly from the rear of the vehicle.The prop seems ok so any ideas what it could be?,its a 1990 90 Hard Top TD if this is relevant,


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Under what exact conditions i.e. when you first take off and accelerate, during gearchanges, under light load, under heavy load, on the over-run etc etc.

It's probably something to do with the planetary gears in the diff. My Discovery does something similar. It has done for a few years. I figure if the click makes a bid for freedom I will worry about it then :)

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Might be worth checking the holes that the trailing arms bolt to. If these have worn oval, you will get relative movement between the bolt and the axle under high loads. My RRC had a similar problem on the front axle, cured by welding washers over the holes.

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could be a wheel bearing , could also be a brake shoe from the front , in fact , how do you know for sure its from the back?

sometimes it sounds like its coming from the back as you drive along but its actually coming from the front.

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And what about if it is what you say it sounds like: "a small stone hitting it hard" ?

If there are little stones in your drive way, they get to the tires profile. Once you go a bit faster, they are released in quite a speed. There actually is just tine alu plate that separates the wheel from the cabin. If the stone hits it, it sounds exactly the way you describe it :-)



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Thanks for the quick replies people,its happening under light load when just cruising along a leval road.

Its unlikly the brakes,all done reasonably recently and working perfect.

The fact that its not under load may rule out the trailing arm holes but i'll check them anyway.

I need to do the rear pinion seal soon so i'll check the bolt then,

The rear hubs are long overdue a strip down so i'll check the drive flanges then as well.

Thanks again,Mick.

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