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200 Tdi air intake

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I've got an '86 90 with a 200 Tdi fitted in.

The air intake pipe into the airbox just sits in the engine bay. Should it mount up to the inside of the n/s wing? I have bought a snorkel which bolts to the outside of the n/s wing but I assume there should be something in the engine bay already for it to bolt to



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And since your 90 is of 1986 vintage, there is no side wing vent. That came with the 200Tdi around 1990.

As yours clearly has been converted, what aircleaner do you have? If it's the old one from a petrol/2,5 NAD, it's of course possible to route a hose from that to the snorkel. But - you have to make the hole in the wing yourself and possibly also get the bits that your snorkel is supposed to attach to.

I made my own snorkel from 2,5" pipe but made a hole on top of the wing just ahead of the bulkhead. Attached by a flexible hose going to the Disco airbox which sits on the LH side.

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This is the parts fitted to the 2.5TD & 200Tdi engined 90/110's to the left side front wing panel, the pipe section fits from inside & grille from outside, the panel has a recess pressed into it when made so the grille sits almost flush, hope it helps :D


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I've ordered all the bits apart from no.4 on that diagram, the lower pipe MWC1827 from David Vincent for £14

If anyone has the lower part that'd be really helpful as Land Rover don't seem to do that bit anymore!

I guess the flexi pipe may be able to be attached to the main part (no.3) anyway so may be ok

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