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A mate of mine is looking for some big offset wheels for his Disco. Hes tried lots of places and only ones he can fine are Mach 5s :ph34r: and you know what I think of them.

But where can he get some? Anything will do before he goes to Tomcat for the Mach 5s.


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Why not get some steel disco rims, grind the middle out and re-weld with the outer rim turned around?



Dam beat me to it, just what I did and was going to suggest, running 255x85x16 BFG's with no problem, well the arches had to be got at, but steering lock is still good.


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Guest diesel_jim

I didn't do these myself, Bryn Hemming did them, but i think a few folk on here have also done the same thing....

it's a case of grinding the weld off of the middle bit, beating it out with a hammer, then making doubly sure that it's centre and true before you glue it back in with the welder.

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I went for reversed disco rims too:


I've been really please with them. The main ar*e ache is grinding the welds out of the centres before removing them. I think I spent around half an hour on each one.

If you do a search there's quite a good thread describing the techniques that a few of us have used.

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