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Indian Land Rover


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Ford Motor Co. says it was pleased with preliminary bids it

received last week for its iconic Jaguar and Land Rover

brands and believes a sale of those units is “probable.”

Ford contacted at least six bidders this week to invite

them to review the brands’ finances and operations next

month, according to the Financial Times.

Bidders are believed to include Indian automakers

Mahindra & Mahindra and Tata Motors, as well as private

equity firms Cerberus Capital Management, One Equity

Partners, Ripplewood Holdings and TPG Capital.

Ford is expected to seek binding offers by September

so that a deal could be finished by year-end, the FT says.

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A friend has a Tata 4x4 cab chassis for business and although difficult to believe, their quality control and reliability is worse than LandRovers.


This has to be one of the best quotes from a LR owner i have ever read! :D Comedy gold award for Bill

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Would TATA be such a bad thing? The Indians have kept the old Enfield motorcycle going (and I think some old Austin cabridge/morris oxford cars). So maybe if LR went to them we could still by a 'new' defender' (or just spares) in 20+ years time.

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The Indians also built the Lambretta Grand Prix models after the Italian factory switched production to the Mini. They were truly awful quality. I know, as I had the misfortune to buy one new.

Many county brand pattern replacement parts were made in India and we all know what complete **** they were.


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