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Volt Meter

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Evening all,

Just been scratching my head for a few days about this one, what does the voltmeter actually measure? (No prizes for saying volts)

Where does it actually measure the voltage, and what does it take as the zero reference.

I assume that it measures terminal voltage accross the battery, but if thats the case shouldn't I see some movement when I switch all the lights etc on, or is this another example of Landrover supplying gauges that don't do much (if anything)?!?!?

Regards to all


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IMO..... Battery voltage is the type of measurement that is better handled by a digital gauge. You can much easier see load and battery drainage with one. You should see a drop with a load on, but it will not be a large one and is hard to see with an analog gauge.

I have a combination indoor/outdoor thermometer and voltmeter with high and low alarms that was cheap as chips... Unfortunately, they seem hard to find.

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The volt meter in mine is the standard type and shows the voltage when you turn on the ignition. When you start the engine and the alternator starts to charge the meter goes up to reflect this. If the battery is quite empty you can see the volt meter rise as the battery reaches full charge. If the meter falls below the white mark while driving it is a sign that the alternator belt is slipping or that the alternator brushes are stuck - neither of which cause the alternator lamp to light. I find it very useful - and I may fit one on the 110 since it did not come with one.


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