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Is this a NATO hook?

Les Henson

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No it isn't, but I have seen them before - they were fitted on Argentine Army Mercs/Unimogs that were here during the war. Not sure of the exact dimensions i.e. whether it fits a 76mm NATO eye or not. The only ones I can think of that I know the location of are in a heap of bombed out scrap on the old military firing range up in the mountains on the far side of Dad's farm so I ain't going for a look at the moment :)

There is another even-more-NATO-lookalike which somebody once told me was fitted to Champs etc - it looks like a slightly more lightweight and non-rotating version of the proper NATO pintle but the inner dimension of the jaw is a bit bigger and if you tow a NATO eye with it, it clonks like hell. Dad has one fitted on his old farm 90, but it is the only one I have seen that I can think of, and I have no idea where he got it from...

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I think that it used to be used as a quick hook up system i.e you just back up to the trailer eye and it push's the clip up allowing the trailer eye in then hey presto away you go, i have seen a few on old lightweights, not sure if it was a british thing. Does it have a number on beginning with FV????

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Yes it does - FV245 (6/8?)20

The spring part of it has this same number cast into it as well. Perhaps the parts were made as a set?

It's seized solid at present - think I'll dismantle it and clean it up - then paint it - just to annoy Walfy! :D

Les :unsure:

Oiiiiii Henson. Don't upset me. I don't know where you live but it can't be hard to find

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