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Free and legal full-screen 1:50,000 OS viewer

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Just found this site developed by someone on my caving forum


I have set it to point to the Gap but if you want to look at anywhere in the UK you can change the OS grid reference at the end (and rename it)to a known one of your choice or scroll around the maps till you get where you are looking for. When you have an area you are interested in right click on it and copy the http link to your favorite and use that link next time you open the site and it will start where you left off.

Conceivably good for giving starting points when meeting mates etc......

Have fun


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Yeah I know about getamap but its a PITA to scroll around and you can only look at about 2 km squared at anyone time so its no good for route planning and the like. I still use it for detail work, like where a BOAT passes through farmland or buildings, just to check that the line of the ROW is clear. Just wish the OS would let the 1:25K go to open access.......

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I had heard that a friend had found a free site with 50k and 25k maps for download. Not sure if he managed to do it though. Will wait and see. I'd prefer to nav by 25k maps offroad and for laning.

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Superb! that's excellent for emailing folk a meet up point.

MemoryMap is fine for nav on your own pc but aint much use for sending out to other folk directions if they don't have memorymap so they can browse round themselves.

Only gotcha is Multimap probably pays for the OS mapping licence and server bandwidth through advertising / site referrals (hotel bookings, etc) from their own site so not sure how long this will keep running..

Web based apps are the future, just need one that scales down for mobile phone use :)

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Yup. :) Just last week as it happens. :)

If you want to drive it you had better get your skates on as it is only open for about another week IIRC. There is a TRO on it for all but a few weeks in the spring and a few weeks in the autumn.


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Doesn't look like I'll get to drive it this year then - too much work on and too little cash at the moment to be able to get away.

I'm moving up that way before too long... looks like spring 2008 it is :D

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