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Hi, new to this and looking for a new engine

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Hi people im new to this, I have a defender 90 2.5dt the pre tdi engine. I' l be adding a pic of it soon. I have a lot of oil in the air filter ( i think a piston cracked) and i think the turbo is on its way out. Im looking to upgrade to a tdi either 200 or 300, will I need to get a new gear box as well. Should I get a discovery engine or a defender engine? Iv been told there is more trouble or sorting out with the fitting of a discovery engine. Could anyone help me with this? Cheers

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you can use your existing gearbox with a Defender 200Tdi [if you can find one] or the Discovery verion & with a 300Tdi, the Disco 200's are easier to find & there's lots of info in the Tech Archive to help you fit it.

Welcome to LR4x4 & please read the pinned info at the top of this forum.

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A disco 200 tdi will drop in with very little work and quite cheaply. Defender 200's are even easier but tend to fetch a premium. The one thing you will need for a disco conversion unless you are a good welder/fabricator is a steve parker downpipe conversion, £120 and makes the job dead easy.

300tdi engines have a different bellhousing and sit further back on a LT77 so you need to chop and weld engine mountings.

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Guest diesel_jim
If someone did want to change the engine from a petrol to a diesel would they need to change more than the engine and the fuel tank?



yeah, they could change their wallet to a smaller one. :D

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i did a 300 (with r380) into a 2.5 petrol and didn't change the tank, i just need to remove the petrol in tank fuel pump and fit a diesel pickup.

ease of fitting in my opinion

Def 200 to LT77 (your exisiting G box) easiest - approx £800 or so for an engine if you can find one

Disco 200 to LT77 is Ok but you will need to play around with the air filter and intercooler piping, Les thread is one way, Les/DSN/JST postmy post with DSNs at the end is another and there is another way here (but just pics no detail) TD90 changes

Or fit 300 def or disco engine (both engines are the same) and as above you will need to move the engine mounting backwards and possibly extend the oil cooler and rad and intercooler pipes (i cant remember!)

Or fit a 300tdi to and R380 which also sits further back and you will need to change the engine mounts etc.

Note dont buy a disco G box and expect to be able to fit it straight off, it wont go!

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Thanks for all your help, Iv now added a couple of pictures of my defender on here as I felt a bit left out. Iv been told id be better of waiting to find a defender 200tdi engine instead of a disco one even though i can buy the downpipe that fits. But if I do get a disco one i think Les's thread would come in handy. Thanks

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