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7.50x16 on rr classic


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No trimming required at the front.

At the rear you will need to trim or fold flat the return on the front edge of the arch unless you want it to trim the nobbles off your tyres!

You may also need to trim the trailing edge too.

To avoid the annoying rubbing on the radius arms you will need to adjust your lock stops too.

If you are going to off road it immediately then please make sure you have sound recovery points front and rear bedfore you go.


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I ran 7.90x16 Rangemasters on my range rover, without any trimming at all. They did rub very slightly on the radius arms so could have done with the steering stops adjusted (I didn't as I ran standard tyres for road use). No problems at all at the back. Not sure if you'll have more issues with the more agressive G90s - in theory they should be exactly the same size, but tyre sizes can be somewhat variable!

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I had 7.50 SATS on 33mm (standard) offset wheels had no problems apart from the steering stops. I then had some SATs on modulars with 11mm of set and it can just catch the front arches at extremes and catches the rear arch slightly next to the rear doors.

That was with stiffer springs though standard bump stops and before a body lift.

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