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O/T I.T. Query

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I have a desktop PC with a wireless router attached that our laptop communicates with to access the net remotely from elsewhere in the house. I have a second desktop PC also elsewhere in the house which I would like to connect into the net but would rather not use cable as it is both unsightly and impractical. My question is as follows: Is there some type of wireless recevier gizmo which I can plug into the rear of my second desktop PC to communicate with the router on my first desktop to access the net in the same way as the laptop does?



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Thanks. Yes you're probably right. I tend to use Darty but they are not always the cheapest. One of the problems I find is that a lot French shops don't have a very good returns policy to the effect that if something is faulty they take won't simply change it but prefer to send it away for repair/assessment during which time you're without any form of replacement. I know that Darty, Géant and Intermarché generally are quite good in this respect.

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If you get a PCI one then consider trying to get one with an external aerial input. The reception around the back of PCs is a bit poor in my limited experience so you might want an external to improve the reception.

It's probably more down to lots of electrical noise than placement why they suffer.

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