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How to make an oily rocket!


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Just thought you lot could have a laugh at my idiotness!!!........

I was Waxoyling the chassis this evening, and as its cold the dashed stuff thickens up quite quick, so I had the 5L tin in hot water and the pressure can awaiting its refill.

In the top of the pressure can I placed a funnel, filled with thick waxoyl gloop (too thick) so it poured a bit of white spirt in, as you do! (i'm still waiting impatiently for the 5L can to warm), ........so I thinks "how about warming this pressure can?" I put the 500w worklight against it but that was too slow..... so out came the blowtorch! (arghh, NO, I hear you cry!)

Slowly, slowly warming the can with blowtorch I go, when I thinks "I'll just warm the gloop stuck in the funnel", which worked nice, down it slid into the can............then I thinks "best be careful not to ignite all that white spir..............." WOOOOOOMPH!!!!!!!

The funnel hit the garge roof, shot waxoyl everywhere including my face just after the resulting plume of flame removed my left eyebrow! :blink:

I'm sure there should be some kind of EU regs on the can that states: will blow your face off if mixed with white spirit and then ignited with a naked flame!!!

I admit, I'M A NUMPTY! doh.gif

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Without wanting to sound unsympathetic, thanks for sharing that, I nearly fell of my chair laughing. Mostly because it's exactly the type of thing I usually do. Good work fella. Chicks dig scars. However, I'm currently working in A&E, and if it were my job to clean you up, I'd not be quite so happy!!

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