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Valve putty inny thingey into rims - Info Wanted


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Hi All,

On a tubeless rim a 'Valve Thingy' is put it in the rim via a special tool that you screw the valve base to, then feed the tool mit vavle base (Oeer) through the hole from the inside of the rim, and then pull through, .......and in doing so the valve seats :)

I was told some while back, but forgot where to get it (was prob drunk :P) about a special tool that would allow you you shove a new valave in whilst off road after the one that should have been there had been ripped out. The really interesting bit was that THIS special tool allowed you to pop a new valve thingy in the rim - BUT FROM THE OUTSIDE :)

I also have forgotted who told me about it (more drunk than I first thought :P:lol:)

So, anyone know who makes these / where to get one ?


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I have over 30 years involved in veh tyres and I have never heard of such a thing, if you think about it, if you could put infrom outside whats to stop it from coming back out ?

If your valve assy is ripped out, the tyre will be flat so whats the problem with breaking the bead seating and fitting anew valve assy the normal way :rolleyes:

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We sell loads of tyres at work and I have never heard of such a thing either - we have one of the doofers shown above (or you can do what I do and just use a big valve key...)

If you do find it, more details would be interesting :)

I should think with some lubricant (ooer) lots of patience and a small flatbladed screwdriver you could probably work one through from the outside in some rims (i.e. 8 spokes etc) probably not in alloys with recessed valves though

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Yep that there ^^^^ doofer above is the thingy that is the normal used from the inside.

The thingy I was told about somehow does put a valve in from the outside, the valve is the normal one so it has a ridge for each side and a reduction in the middle to match the hole ID and thickness. Not so much for alloys this was more for steel type tubeless rims, damned if I can think who told me about it, he was equally impressed as was I.....

Anyone ?

Nige :(

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Get some Richbrook flush button valves fitted .......................



Also I think Demon tweaks do them as well.................

Cheaper in the US of A





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