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The flywheel on my disco 200tdi was in a bit of a sorry state when i got it. I had it ground but there are still blemishes in the surface. Unfotuantely the guy had to drill out the locating dowls for the pressure plate. From what i can see you can't just buy relacements. As i'm not overly happpy about the flywheels condition i was woundering if there are alternatives. For example can you fit a lighter cheaper 2.25 pet flywheel, or will it run even more like a bag of nails???

Chars Muchly


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You can buy the 'dowels' (locating pegs), not sure of the part number though I'm afraid, but I have a set which I bought for those 'just in case' things. I believe that the 2.5N/A & TD flywheels are the same thing, but different part numbers for some odd reason. I wouldn't fit a lighter flywheel - it may affect the engine running.

Bolt pattern and ring gear teeth are the main thing. The N/A and TD starters will fit the 200TDi apparently, so the ring gear must be the same/flywheel outer diameter the same. On a 200TDi conversion from the 2.5TD - you can use the TD flywheel housing on the 200TDi engine - so no problems there either. Just a case of the bolt pattern being the same.


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200Tdi flywheel dowels aren't listed as a seperate part.

a 300Tdi flywheel is the same part number, so you can use one of those.

a 2.5TD flywheel might fit to, as the crank is the same as a 200Tdi crank in Discovery & Defender & the clutch is common too.

a 2.5n/a flywheel is different.

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They are the same dowels as used on 3 bearing series engines for the clutch cover again.

The flywheel to crank dowel is ERR1630.

thought it was a very old Series LR number, my paper patrs book list them but doesn't ident them on the diagram either. :rolleyes:

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