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Weld On Beadlocks

Ian M

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ive been looking at these, and ive got a couple of queries!

1: how do they stop the inner bead from popping off the rim?

2: has anyone made their own? are the rings the exact same diameter as the rim? and what metal and thickness did you use?

3: any one got any pics showing how they are welded one?

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Gary Andrews is the man to speak too , IIRC he makes a set of 5 for about £100 , Thats for the rings and not the wheels .

i spoke to him yesterday, £110 for 16 inch, but he cant deliver for a few weeks at least! so thats why i was looking into making my own!

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Another vote for Gary here ,

Got mine a couple of weeks ago, I don't think you would get them any cheaper as a one off order with your local laser cutting metal shop....6mm steel inner rings and 6mm stainless outer rings, 16 bolt m10 holes. they are a good fit inside the outer lip :ph34r: of the wheel so I chamfered the outer edge to give a nice weld fillet when dressed flat.....Oh and i went for some nice Stainless button socket head bolts for a nice finish. Welded mine with a 185amp welder with the wire feed down a little and the trans. on max for good penetration.

......double beadlocks are another level, I'd say Stauns would be the simplest way of achieving that ;)



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