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welding on my chassis

Guest mortus

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Guest mortus

Right, today i looked under my landrover, and realised my rear bump stops were missing :o

so i went to paddocks and ive now got 2 brand new ones.

now i tryed to remove the old metal part of the last bump stops, and in the doing so, i accidently ripped off the entire bump stop mount off my chassis :(

damn rust!!

my chassis is sound, and there plenty of good metal to weld too, and i can weld pretty damn well ( for saying im 16)

(now come the questions i would normally ask my dad, but since he is on holiday, i can't ask him, so i look to lr4x4 to be my father :D)

now, i know you have to disconnect your alternator and battery,

the battery is easy,

but how the hell, am i supposed, to get my hands down past the air box to the back of the alternator? i mean i can get my hands down, but theres no room for spanners or molegrips.

do i only remove one wire? or both? if one wire, which one?

also.. my 200tdi has a range rover airbox filter thingy and a range rover heater thingy

i think this is because it was a 90 TD and got a conversion to a defender 200tdi.

can anyone tell me if disconnecting my alternator is necessary, and how to do it!!



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Can you reach from underneath? You might just have to remove more stuff to get there.

I usually remove all the cables just to be sure but I have also welded on vehicles with both the battery and the alternator still connected. Sometimes it was ok but other times the alternator failed shortly after so it isn't worth the risk.

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Well I don't know what the official advice is, but I have never disconnected anything other than my battery (not alternators, ECUs or anything else) and have never had a problem. I always think that if you make sure you get a good earth as near as possible to the weld site then I don't see how any damage can be done... but.... factor caveat remember :lol:


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IMO (limited as it is where welding is concened) it can't hurt to disconnect the battery and alternator, especially if it's just a case of removing the air box to get to it. It's definitely cheaper than a new alternator a few weeks down the line...

By a good earth connection for the clamp it means clean the metal up before you attach it. Don't just clamp it to the painted/rusty chassis as this will not provide a good connection.



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Guest mortus

ok, i welded on my new mounts today, i disconnected my alternator, and i moved the air box to do so.

It looked like there were lots more pipes that there actually was.

now i have rear bumps stops again and can head out into the wild again!!

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just to clear up i was tort to only disconnect the battery an ECU's, i've never disconnected the ECU's tho and i think they only say that because of all the sensitive electric bits in there an there expensive to repleace


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Guest mortus

whats your name? nick somebody... i live in ashover on a farm. so ive got plenty of wild :D

and if you go up past bakewell towards flagg and monyash, thats pretty damn wild.

i will be looking out for your series 3 now. where down cross do you live?

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